Sunday, November 6, 2016

Sunday in November

We had KidPak this morning along with a return to Trailblazers.  It was a really solid morning from the skits to the message to the videos.  Daddy was in the video again, dressed up as a cowboy as usual.

It's getting pretty comfortable dressing up as a cowboy - it's a character that Daddy feels most comfortable being.  It's also a lot of fun!

Madison learned about being a trailblazer this morning, which was a message that Daddy wrote on vacation in Florida.  This message was written in Summerfield - here's the description of it:

     In May of 1804 two men led an unforgettable expedition, some of the first trailblazers of the American West. Two legends, Meriwether Lewis and William Clark, made their way through an undiscovered country, exploring and creating a path we follow to this day. Soon after, other explorers were making a name for themselves - there were guys like John Colter, Kit Carson and John Wesley Powell discovering a whole new world of adventure as they blazed a trail never taken before.
     That same spirit of the Trailblazer is within all of us, a desire to see and do new things. We just know that adventure is out there! Even many years earlier, it was with two other rugged frontier men named Joshua and Caleb. There were some Israelites that were content to settle right where they were. But not Joshua and Caleb. These two were ready to lead God's people across the Jordan River, and into a land none of them had ever seen before. Just like the other trailblazers, they were creating a path for others to follow.
     The big question is this: what sort of path are you creating? Like it or not, you leave a trail behind you, a story that others will read about in time. How you live your life is something other folks can learn from. Will they be learning the right way to do something, or will it be the wrong way? The Bible is full of people who made their own paths, and while many like Joshua and Caleb showed us the way to live, some of the others wound up at a dead end. The lesson is simple: be a trailblazer, and make your path a good one for others to follow.
     If you think you need help, don't worry. God has you covered. Those two explorers Lewis and Clark were blessed to have Sacagawea with them to help guide them and keep them from danger. Yet we have a Friend that does that and more: the Holy Spirit will lead us forward, showing us the way to live, and the way to lead.
     It's time to blaze a trail, and follow your manifest destiny. While the early explorers of the Old West showed weary travelers the way, you've got a very similar task before you. Your adventure here is to show the world the Way: His name is Jesus.
     So saddle up, and don't spend too much time looking back. You've got your own path to make, and it's time to get moving. It's time to be a Trailblazer! 

It was a great morning, but there was still a few things to do afterwards.  Like Christmas play practice.  Yes, here we are in November, and here we are getting costuming ready and things like that.  We got home afterwards, and since we listened to the "Elf" soundtrack on the way home, we had to watch the movie when we got home!

As a side note, it's funny how Louis Prima's "Pennies from Heaven" has become more like a Christmas song.  You hear that song, and you start picturing Will Ferrell picking off pieces of used gum from that subway entrance.

Anyway, we got the popcorn and finished up the ornaments on the main tree, pretty much wrapping up that with all those ornaments.  So many!  We didn't get to the tree topper, but that should be up tomorrow, and we'll just have one tree to go.  Madison was laughing out loud at some parts of the movie - she loves it.  Who doesn't?  It's one of our favorite Christmas movies!

Tonight, we did do some studying for our spelling bee words, and more practice of "Silent Night."  There's always something to do for Madison, who keeps herself busy.  Tonight at bedtime, we prayed for our country once more, and then read from our devotional as well.  It's getting close to the end of the story, and it's been so wonderful watching Madison want to see what happens next.  Next, we revisited the Pilgrims before bedtime, continuing our story there.  The tree is lit up in her room, and it serves as a wonderful nightlight, illuminating the room with a Christmas glow.  We kissed her on the cheek like we do every night before bed, and snuck downstairs to catch another Christmas movie.

Mommy and Daddy checked out "Mr. St. Nick" tonight, which wasn't terrible, but wasn't that great either.  It had it's moments, and we're certainly not regretting watching it.  This year, we're seeing all kinds of new Christmas specials, and it's been fun to see some new things - and some old ones too.

Christmas is just around the corner!

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