Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Threading the Needle

Here's a snapshot from our phone, as we were watching the speech this morning at 3:00 am or so.  Everyone we know woke up early, and woke up tired, tired, tired.

Mommy told Madison who won the Presidency when she asked, and Madison was happy about it.  Mommy was quick to let Madison know that we don't want to talk about this today, as there are a lot of people out there that are upset about the results.  There are a lot of people happy too, but the hope is that we can unite as a country again.  The current President Obama today compared the election to an intra-mural game, and when it is over with, we all get back together again because we all play on the same team.  It was a good speech, as was the one by Hillary Clinton this morning.  Clinton made her concession speech this morning, and by all accounts, it was very gracious and full of hope.  Most concessions speeches seem to be the best ones people make.  

Madison said something this morning on her own:  "Just because she's a girl doesn't mean she'll make the best President."  Someday, and probably in Madison's lifetime, there'll be a female President.  There's nothing wrong with that at all, just as there's nothing wrong with there someday being an Asian, Indian, or Hispanic President.  Or any other ethnicity that hasn't been President yet.  We vote for the person who we believe will lead this country in the right direction, and yesterday, something like 126 million people went to the polls to do just that.

So now it's all over, all the hard work and fuss and stress, hopes and fears.  Madison will see a new President now, the third one in her lifetime (Bush, then Obama, and now Trump).  We'll probably be watching inauguration day this year, and maybe later, a return to the Magic Kingdom to visit the Hall of Presidents!  Yes, they're already working on an animatronic Donald Trump.

Yesterday, they said he had to thread a needle to win this election, and he sure did.  He just used a sledgehammer to do it.

Today was a Wednesday for Madison, which featured a new after school art class.  Madison is working on making a reindeer, which she says might take a while to complete.  She's excited about the project though.  Daddy met her after school, and immediately we were practicing for the spelling bee.  We're on some more words that are higher up the word list, well into seventh grade now.  The eighth grade words are absolutely crazy though.  I'll list a few tomorrow when I find that list again.  Not making this up:  there are a few I had to look up and have literally never used in conversation before.  And if I ever do, it will be as a joke.  Because nobody uses words like some of these.

Tonight was KidPak.  Daddy turned the lights off in the classroom, and put an electric campfire in the middle of the classroom, with chairs in a circle all around.  We told stories of trailblazers like John Colter, William Clark and Meriwether Lewis, of course Sacagawea.  But we in turn talked about Joshua and Caleb.  I handed out sticks with marshmallows on them, so kids were pretending to roast their marshmallows as we shared and talked about pioneers of the Old West.  And being a trailblazer too.

It was a good day, although there are a few looming issues on the horizon.  One is this dry weather:  it has led to significant forest fires west and north of here.  There are fires raging, and the smoke and haze has descended upon us to the point of breathing difficulty, watery eyes, and lung problems in general.  We stay locked up indoors, and are now praying for rain more than ever.  It's just so dry out there.
We put up the tree in the last room today, but the stand is broken.  Plastic doesn't like changes in temperature, apparently.  We'll get that fixed up, and the tree decorated.  It's still early for the trees, and this is why we start early - to get them done about the right time. 

As you can imagine though, everyone was really tired today.  Many, many people stayed up until 3:00 am to find out what happened with the election.  Tonight, Mommy and Daddy got into bed… and were immediately asleep.  

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