Monday, November 7, 2016

That's a Wrap

Mommy and Daddy spent a long time wrapping this morning, to the point where we feel really good about the upcoming Christmas holiday.  As in, we're 80% done or so.  Of course there are still things to get, but at this point, we're not stressed about the day itself.  We're going to bed on Christmas Eve at a nice and good time!

Today was a good day off, although we did go to jazz and ballet after school.  Madison was studying her words before and after school, the words for her spelling bee.  That's on Thursday.  The word "vulpine" is on that list, along with "Icarus" and Madison's favorite, "Honolulu."  We were going through these words - it's a long list.  She's the one pushing through on all of this, because we're not going to make her do anything she doesn't want to do.  It's just that she wants to do this.  And we're okay with that too!  Just a little nervous is all.

Anyway, today was not just a day for wrapping up presents.  We did that this morning, watching "The Lemon Drop Kid" and "Smokey Mountain Christmas" as we wrapped, wrapped, wrapped.  The other thing that got wrapped up with was our election season.  After all these months of campaigning, and whittling down candidates to two, we're finally here at the day of judgment.  Who will be our next President?  We'll find out soon enough!  We've been praying tonight and always for the right person.

Speaking of praying, before wrapping up this post, here's something Daddy noticed about our current drought:


     Remember Georgia's last severe drought?  That's when our last Governor of Georgia, Sonny Perdue, made a declaration that we all pray for rain.  Remember him getting flack for that?  The rain did come.  The lake was at full pool again on October 14, 2009.

     Fast-forward to 2016.  Remember what the current Governor of Georgia did with that religious liberty bill on March 28, 2016?  I was just thinking of all this, and then was curious about when our current severe drought started.

Look at February's rainfall amounts here, where you can see no drought conditions in Georgia:

And here is March, the month Governor Deal vetoed that bill, and also the beginning of our state's drought:

Pretty interesting!

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