Friday, April 1, 2016

Fish Tales Frenzy

Hey... you're shoe's untied.


And thus, the morning started.  I mean, right away.  Madison was off and running with the April Fool's Day 'made-you-look' gags, and that was pretty much the theme of the day.  Of course, it's April Fool's Day, so we'll allow her the fun.  And Daddy's not ready to give her a mega-prank, not quite yet anyway.

Moving on, the other big theme of the day was this:

Today was largely about setting up for a new series.  As we're going on a little trip soon, we have to do a bit of double-time in order to have everything ready the following weekend.  And, because we have a new series going on, you can expect that we'll be already working a bit more than usual.  Tomorrow morning, we're actually doing some fishing, which Daddy is excited to go do - we'll be filming and fishing down at a lake nearby, though not Lake Lanier.  Madison is coming along, as it is Saturday and she really wants to go.

It was her last day before her spring break, so there is a lot of excitement in the air here.  She's been packing for our upcoming trip, well in advance.  Currently, she's packing all the DVDs she wants to bring along, taking them out of their original cases and putting them into the lucky ladybug.  We have a ladybug disc holder that we've had for ages now.

Mommy got the display case done too - inside it are a bunch of authentic items from Daddy's grandfather's collection, from lures to that nice looking basket there.

It was a lot of work on scripts, keynotes, filming, costuming, set changes, music, speakers, booklets, social media, banners, handouts and printed material - and there's more to do with some filming on location tomorrow morning.  But that'll be fun... because tomorrow, we're goin' fishing!

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