Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Oliver Paul will save us all!

We got a special visitor today, one born less than two weeks ago.  Our good friends Joey and Jordan welcomed into their family a boy they named Oliver Paul Stone.  Yes, he's an Oliver Stone.  Also, he's an Oliver Paul.  This name had such a ring to it that a mysterious chant rose up from within the office:  "Oliver Paul will save us all!"  It just might be a prophecy.

The great news about today was that Madison's fever broke.  She was sweating last night, which apparently is a good sign.  I actually know that's a good sign, having experienced the phenomenon myself.  The coughing is still there somewhat, but by this time tomorrow, we'll be back on course, and back at school too.  She's got some catching up to do.  That's what she was doing today, continuing her studies of famous liberal heroes from the past.  Of course, they're all decent human beings too.  But we will laugh uproariously the day the school has Madison study any politician with a (R) after their name. Besides Abraham Lincoln, of course.

She did a lot of work today, and has even been communicating with her teacher online, filling her in on what she's been doing, and asking what else she can do to prepare to come back to school tomorrow.  This kept her busy throughout the day, although there was also a bit of piano practice in there too.

The painters are working on our back deck now, and the house is looking just splendid on the outside.  Furthermore, the temperature at dusk is so wonderful, and the stars are bright and shining in the clear sky.  It's a special time of year, the kind that brings a sense of peace to one's heart simply by walking about on the front lawn or through wooded forests.  It won't be long before lightning bugs sparkle and the smell of rain wafts down.  Daddy looked up and saw a gentle breeze moving through the tops of the trees, ever so slight, a sweet reminder of the beauty of God's glorious creation.  It's time to start doing more things outside!

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