Sunday, April 24, 2016

Fish and Tomatoes

Madison again has been too feverish to go to KidPak.  While this was upsetting, the consolation is that we did record the service this morning, and Madison will get to see it soon enough when we get it online - or she could just watch it on Daddy's computer at the office.

It was the big finish to our Fish Tales series, where we found out who won the big fishing tournament.  It's been a wonderful series, and all of the sudden, it's over.  These one-month series come and go so quickly, giving us just a teasing taste of a theme - and then they're gone.  We're glad that we got to go fishing once or twice during the series though.  And looking back, how amazing was it that Madison caught that fish?

The series ended so well, and with one of Daddy's favorite messages that he's ever been given.  These messages don't get written by Daddy - they're already there, just waiting to be discovered.

     Catching fish is great - but eating fish is even better.  Can you imagine a better cook than Jesus himself?  It says in our Bible that Jesus prepared for Peter and the other disciples a meal one morning.  What a great breakfast that must have been.  Picture that in your mind:  Jesus, the Son of God, cooking up breakfast and sharing an early morning meal with his disciples.  What a wonderful occasion that must have been!  Can you imagine that?
     But now imagine also, if you will, two chapters earlier in the Bible.  It was there that Jesus paid the ultimate price for not only these disciples of his, but of all mankind.  It was a terrifying moment in world history.  It was brutal.  It was awful.  Jesus, the Son of God, endured punishment far greater than any man should ever endure.  He did this even though he was innocent.  He did this even though he was the Son of God.  He did it all anyway, because of his love for us.
     Yet here we are, just two chapters later, enjoying breakfast.  He’s alive!  Jesus, the Son of God, had conquered death and the grave.  Yet here he is by the lakeside, still the servant, cooking up a wonderful breakfast for some of his closest friends.  After his resurrection, he could have gone first, as many of us certainly would have, to those who had crucified him.  He could have gone to Pilate, to Herod, the Pharisees and to the Romans and he could have said (in Aramaic) “In your face!  Nanny-nanny-boo-boo!”  But not Jesus.  In a small, quiet breakfast on the shore of a lake, Jesus showed us the example of how to live by serving others.

There was more filming to be done today, and Daddy came home to check on Madison afterwards.  She's doing better, although that pesky fever is lingering.  We'll return to the doctor's office tomorrow, and yes, it's another day without school.  But at least her fever is not as severe as the 104.  It's somewhere between 101-102 when not medicated.  But believe me, we keep her on children's medication on schedule based on whatever the box tells us to do.  And it works precisely as it is written.  In four hours, you'd better be ready to give another dose!  It's like clockwork with Madison.  Exactly four hours later, that fever starts spiking upwards again.  Amazing!

Tonight, we finished Poe's story "Before the Awakening," which sets up the beginning of "The Force Awakens" rather well.  Madison and Mommy sat as Daddy read to them the thrilling yarn!  We also read from the "Fish Tales" devotional, another few entries to go this week until the series completely wraps up.  Next month is "Spy Games," so we'll be all about spies soon enough.

But today's unique thing were fried green tomatoes.  You may recall we visited the Whistle Stop Cafe a few weeks ago, the famous location of the movie "Fried Green Tomatoes."  Shortly after that, Mommy found some green tomatoes that were packaged specifically for creating fried green tomatoes.  All that was left was for her to find some way of frying them without using anything with gluten inside.  She was rather successful, and tonight we had our first batch of friend green tomatoes.  Nana came over to check on Madison, and had herself some as well.  She said you couldn't even tell they were gluten-free.  So that's a win there.  Mommy and Daddy think they need a little bit of garlic or spice or something - we'll be tinkering with that formula in a bit.

But Mommy brought over the actual movie, "Fried Green Tomatoes" as well, since Daddy has never seen it.  We didn't watch it with Madison, but after she went to bed, Mommy and Daddy watched the movie.  Everything down at the Whistle Stop Cafe looks just like it does in the movie, and we might be driving back by there soon enough.

We'll see what Madison's temperature is tomorrow, but for the time being, there's lots of coughing and a bit of a fever.  It seems doubtful that we're going to school, and instead the doctor's.  That said, it's time for a rest, all of us.  It's been a full weekend.

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