Thursday, April 28, 2016

Veronica the Tape Dispenser

Well, the painters are done and the house is looking swell.  It's covered with a nice cream colored paint all around, and they did an absolutely splendid job getting it done.  It took a little over a week, filling in cracks and fixing up old wood.  But now they're done and the house is looking just fine.

It was time for the allergy shot today, and it isn't going well for Daddy.  We may have to cut back a bit on the dosage, as the arm is sore and itchy.

Meanwhile, Madison is doing well at school, catching up with these infernal tests that drive everyone crazy.  She missed them last week, so she's making them up one at a time, with the math test being today.  I'm not sure how results will be, as she's sort of under unique circumstances taking them.  I mean, no prep or rest or whatever - just taken out of the class and down the hall to do a test.  The good news is that she does well with math, and hopefully will do well with science tomorrow.

We had a return to speech therapy after class today, something Madison enjoys no matter the therapist.  We're keeping her in this class here for a while, at least until the insurance money runs out.  We hand over a co-pay, but the insurance covers quite a bit, and it's worth it to keep Madison going, speaking more and more fluidly.

It is Pay-it-Forward Day, which is what we were preaching about last night at KidPak.  It was a tremendous coincidence (or was it?) that today happened to be Pay-it-Forward Day, and we were talking about doing that very thing yesterday.  Tonight, there was very little in the way of stuff to do at home - although Madison is working on a magazine, where she does the whole thing herself, all about a topic she's chosen.  Her topic:  ballet.  She was working on a few parts of that this afternoon, but soon after that, we were watching episodes of "Ultimate Spider-Man" and a bit from "Penguins of Madgascar" for our upcoming Spy series.

So we had finished Finn's story with "Before the Awakening," and now we're working on a completely different book, one with Rocket Raccoon and Groot in it.  It's written by the same guy who did the "Origami Yoda" series, and both Mommy and Madison simply love it.

Their favorite character right now is Veronica the Tape Dispenser, which pretty much should set the tone of the whole thing for you.  Right now, the threesome are on a planet with a big strip mall, complete with raccoon-eating toilets.  There is no explanation for this at present, but it's only three chapters in.  The humor of the book has Mommy and Madison laughing quite a bit, so this should be a fun read, although possibly a quicker one.

The other read that Daddy is starting involves a girl named Sarafina at the Biltmore House.  It's a little dark to read just before bedtime for Madison, so we may wait on that.  But Daddy's enjoying reading the book.  When his arm isn't itching like crazy...

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