Monday, April 11, 2016

Mary Poppins and UFOs

Back to reality today, as Madison was back in school with her completed homework and a story or two about visiting Winn-Dixie and feeding alligators.  The latter of these two seemed to impress her classmates the most, never mind the fact that she actually saw a rocket launch that very day.  This was not as memorable an event as feeding alligators bits of turkey hot dogs.

It was also a return to ballet, where the classmates are now feverishly preparing for the upcoming spring recital.  The big news is an audition this week for a ballet in December.  Yes, that's "The Nutcracker."  Madison has decided to audition for the part of a China Girl, which is something girls in her age bracket are recommended to try out for.  It would seem she'd be a natural at such a part, and perhaps this will give her an edge in getting a part.  But we'll see how it all goes.  The audition is this Thursday, and she's very serious about going to it.

We still had piano homework to do, which Madison wrapped up.  With that and dinner, there wasn't much time for anything else.  We did squeeze in an episode of "Ultimate Spider-Man," and after that there was the devotional and the big finish for the second Mary Poppins book, where we see her take off in a carousel that turns into a spinning UFO.  This book was written in 1935, and within just a few years, there were many, many sightings of spinning UFOs in the skies.  Just look to the 50's to see countless movies that show aliens in these circular spinning spacecrafts.  This generation... these are all the adults who heard the Mary Poppins story as a kid, the story of her return to the stars above in a spinning source of light just like a UFO.  Could that story be the spark of imagination that set off the UFO generation?

One thing we liked about the story was the turn by George Banks at the end, how he knew the swirling star above would look over the children and keep them safe.  There are hints all throughout this book that the neighbors are all in on who it is that Mary Poppins is.  Only the Banks family seems oblivious, except for Mr. Banks here at the end.  We've sort of turned the corner on these books, actually enjoying them a bit more now.  Still, the Mary Poppins in the movie is our preference - but the books are something the three of us have become attached to.  No doubt we'll be reading the next two soon, and after that the others as we find them.

Our house is going to be repainted soon.  That means the back deck too.  Daddy cleared off a lot of stuff today, and Mommy arranged the garage to accommodate the stuff being brought in.  She also did a lot of the laundry from last week, and the general unpacking that needed to take place.  Daddy did a bit of work for the upcoming services, but also got a hair cut this morning from his favorite hairstylist.  Yes, that's Mommy.

And so we're back to normal here.  Although there's not much time left in the school year.  And not much time until Summer Xtreme.  In other words, there's a bit of urgency about us.  The break was good, but it's time to get some work done, and fast.

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