Saturday, April 16, 2016


So we were just playing Disney Infinity, and noticed that there is actually a Wol Cabasshite in the game, one you can place anywhere.  This is an alien from Jabba's palace, and in fact the one they have included in the game is known as Ghoel.  Here is a picture of Ghoel, as seen in Episode VI.

It's not C-3PO, Bib Fortuna, Boba Fett, or even that Nikto.  No, it's the weird-looking thing hanging from the wall there, the one with the long ugly tongue.  And as a bonus feature in Disney Infinity, you can have this guy hanging around (literally) your interior.

This honestly looked like an alien that they didn't quite finish, or perhaps he was going to be something better but then got put aside, and then there was space on the wall that was empty so what the heck, let's hang that weird-looking thing over there, okay?  If you're watching the movie, you have to look quickly to see him, along with other aliens too.  For example, you know about the ginormous praying mantis head guy in Episode IV?  That one is called a Yam'rii (versus the name, "Hey, we've got this giant praying mantis head, maybe we should cram that in the cantina!").  While some alien species are more prominent in the Star Wars universe, others like the Yam'rii and the Wol Cabasshite are so amazingly obscure that only the purest of Star Wars geeks would recognize their names (like Willrow Hood).  And yet, here it is in the game.

And yet furthermore, these characters have enormous backstories, all of them.  Gheol above has a secret reason for being at Jabba's Palace.  And his species, the Wol Cabasshites, are superior intellects in many ways.  And one of them is even a jedi named Omo Bouri.

Okay, I'm all for inclusiveness, but seriously, can you imagine that thing above holding a lightsaber, or actually training (as the Star Wars history site is telling me) Saesee Tin?  Are you kidding me?

So yeah, according to some really creative writing, this guy above was trained by a slug.  I believe this may be one of the reasons they tossed a lot of the Star Wars stories out there, calling them "Legends" and starting over with the new "Canon."  Because it makes no sense whatsoever that a slug with a long tongue can be a jedi.  I mean, why not a mynock?

Okay, anyway, I digress.  Today was a day of setting up for service, a day for piano, and a rather dull day overall.  We did have time to play some games, as mentioned extensively above.  And we're going to have painters coming over soon to cover the house with lots o' paint.  Hopefully while on the roof, they won't run into any Wol Cabasshites...

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