Thursday, April 7, 2016

Surf Satellite

Amazing day of surfing here, literally from before dawn to after dusk, the surfers have been here, and it has been really fun to watch.  Daddy was up before sunrise, and already there were plenty of surfers bobbing out there waiting for the choicest of waves.

Daddy was glad he brought the camera.  And now, there's a longing to do the "Hang Ten" series at KidPak again.  It was such a fun surfing-themed series.  Perhaps we'll dive into that devotional next.

Anyway, from our balcony, literally until dusk there were dozens of surfers out there, to the point that you could see at any given time someone carving a path down a gnarly wave.  Okay, so my surfer lingo probably makes you want to do a technicolor yawn.

One more picture before moving on... this one is called, "Heads up!"

This morning's strategy was to hit the pool for a bit, followed by another item on the Mandatory Fun Checklist:  a game of Clue.  Mommy, Daddy and Madison became sleuths by the shoreline here, racing through the mansion to find out whodunnit.  The answer?  Mrs. White with a lead pipe in the library.  This was announced by Mommy, but both Madison and Daddy knew that answer as well.  Mommy was the first to get to the library to make that pronouncement.  And it is generally nicer to let Mommy win anyway, right?  No seriously, she earned the win.

We did a bit of shell collecting today, adding more to our she'll inventory.  It is amazing how many shells wash ashore here, all collected, and still more piling in with each wave.  One woman here even collects 'sea glass,' something Daddy found and passed along to her.  She was thrilled to get an old piece of colorful glass with smoothed out edges, worn down by the waves.

We've walked south, but soon we'll walk northward, towards Sandpiper Tower (where we stayed before), and facing the area of the rocket launch scheduled for Friday at 4:43.  Someone there probably suggested 4:45, as it would be easier to put on the calendar.  But then another person said, "But that would be too obvious!"  So 4:43 it is.  We might see a rocket launch soon..!

Tonight we watched "The Force Awakens" again.  It still hurts, but not as bad as it did before.  It is a fun movie, but certain characters should remain immortal, right?

The weather remains beautiful here, cool in the evenings with starry skies overhead.  The sun is bright and warm in the afternoon, and the surfers are always present.  Looking out the balcony window is like watching a ESPN2 special all day long.

Everyone is relaxing.  Madison is doing homework throughout the week, this to get her OUT of doing homework the rest of the year.  That's the deal with her teacher.  Madison is getting to her goal,   Meanwhile, Daddy has been reading "Mary Poppins" again this week, along with the Fish Tales devotional each night.  Madison has been glued to the iPad mini, playing a Powerpuff Girls game.  Daddy has been reading other books during the daytime, finishing up this latest Marty Sklar book and a Star Wars book, and rereading a Cirque du Soleil book with some great lessons for life in it.  Eventually, these may show up in that class that Daddy has to teach.  Or here, even.

So that's the beach report for today - it's been fun.  Surf's up!

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