Wednesday, April 20, 2016

"The 104 Virus"

Madison went to the doctor's office this morning, having been sick enough to not go into school.  She doesn't have the flu or strep throat.  What she does have is something the doctors have nick-named "the 104 virus."  This is because the parents come in, each one saying their child has had a fever of 104.  The prescription is to deal with the symptoms, and let it run its course, with no antibiotics involved of course.

So today being a day off, Madison decided to do some homework, and some playtime with the Gamecube.  We had that hooked up still, and Madison was doing Mario Golf and games like that.  Ah, to be out of school again!  Isn't it great?

Not really.  Madison would honestly rather be at school than home sick.  She likes going to school, and furthermore, missing out on testing really bothers her.  It's the Milestones test, and this is the math part of the testing, which she excels at.  She's bummed she has to stay home.

Speaking of home, Daddy saw something pretty interesting at the park today as we were filming for this weekend.  We were filming a bit by the lake, some more "Fish Tales" videos, when this guy not far from us just started releasing pigeons.  It turns out these were homing pigeons, and they were about to go for a 55-mile flight back to their home.  This was just a bit of exercise, as they were getting ready for their big competition this weekend, a race that I believe covered about 300 miles.  Pretty interesting stuff.  We had no idea there was such a thing as homing pigeon races, but sure enough, we did the research and of course saw a lot of it for ourselves.

Tonight was a great service at church, one called "A River Runs Through Us."  It was about that spring of life that flows out of each of us, and how to keep it going.  It was a good night.  Madison probably won't be going to school tomorrow - tonight she's still coughing, and still on medication to keep the fever down.  It's a bummer, but it does put a focus on the fact that she's gone pretty much the entire school year without getting significantly sick.  Hopefully this "104 Virus" will pass quickly.

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