Friday, April 29, 2016

Marie Taglioni

Madison has written her non-fiction article on the most famous ballerina, Marie Taglioni.  Until this week, Daddy had no idea who this person was, but thanks to Mommy and plenty of research, we now know who she was.  One of Madison's final projects of 3rd grade is making a magazine dedicated to any topic, so naturally Madison chose ballet.  Within this magazine goes her non-fiction article about some related topic, hence the two pages above dedicated to Marie Taglioni.

She uses one program at school, but here at the house, we used another one to create the pages above.  Madison, Mommy and Daddy spent a bit of time laying out the articles, the pictures, and the fun facts.  It came out rather well, setting up things for the magazine as we continue to make pages for it.  Madison is learning a bit about the computer here, a little more at least.  The basic functions of copy-and-paste, click-and-drag, and the all important command-z.  It was enjoyable for Madison, who was happy to spend time with this being creative versus the video game and movie thing.

We did quite a bit today, getting ready for the Spy Games series at Kidpak, and now suddenly everything has left fishing, now all about espionage, cloak and dagger.  It takes a lot of work to make these series, even if they are repeats.  And even though this series is a repeat, it's still something fairly new to Madison.  So we'll want to do our best, regardless.  So there's pressure, always pressure, to not go through the motions with things even when they are repeats.  The purpose for this repeat is to give us space to focus on Summer Xtreme, which is just a month away.  Lots to do there.  Can't wait until the middle of June when we have a bit of a break.  Until then, we'll keep busy.

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