Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Hall Covnty Covrthovse

Daddy got inside the old courthouse today, this one in Gainesville.  The new courthouse of course is bigger and more capable of dealing with security and numbers of people.  So this old one was left alone, still intact and absolutely fascinating.  It's fallen into a bit of disrepair, but Officer Monica up there in the picture says it will be renovated eventually so that people can see this magnificent old room for what it is. We were out scouting a place to film for our Summer Xtreme video, and we found a courtyard that was perfect, right nearby this courthouse.

One question though:  what's up with the wording on the outside of the courthouse?  It reads "HALL COVNTY COVRTHOVSE" in large inscribed letters at the top.  Why change the letter "u" to the letter "v" like that?

Here's the answer I just found online:  In the original Latin alphabet, the character "v" sufficed for both the consonant "v" and the vowel "u". The replacement of the character "u" with "v" can be seen on neoclassical architecture in the United States, derived from the American Renaissance movement (1876-1917), reflecting the Ancient Roman influence on the architectural style. 

So there you go.  This building was constructed about twenty years after 1917, and Hall County is usually that far behind, so it all makes sense.

We had piano after school today, and during that class, Madison wasn't looking quite herself.  In fact, she was starting to look flush, and coughing a little.  Even worse, on the way home, she was voluntarily taking a nap.  We went to the thermometer right away once we got home, and that's when we confirmed it:  she was running a fever.  It was a bad one too, at 104.  We quickly got some medication in her, had her drinking water, and got a rag for her to put on her forehead.  She was on the couch, just trying to rest really.  And fortunately, the temperature did go down quickly.  Within twenty minutes, it dropped to around 100 or so.  We'll keep the medication going, and the water.  But tomorrow, she's not going to school.  She has big tests tomorrow, the Math Milestones tests, but she'll have to try again on Thursday or so.

She got two new Vinylmation wrestlers to cheer her up this afternoon.  They watched over her as she slept on the couch.

We watched a few episodes of "Ultimate Spider-Man," while on the couch, and Madison was quite adamant about making sure we kept the tradition of Taco Tuesday intact.  So we had tacos for dinner today as well.  Before bed, we read some more of Poe's adventure from "Before the Awakening," and before long, she was off to sleep.

Daddy and Mommy had another "Date Night," watching "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." once again.  Things are getting intense on the show, as it approaches its big climax.  We'll see in the coming weeks what happens there, but there was quite a twist in tonight's episode.

Tonight, Madison is sleeping okay, and that's good.  We'll keep an eye on her as well.  In all things, it could be a lot worse, and we're grateful that she's not feeling so sick as she was initially this afternoon.

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