Sunday, April 17, 2016

Welcome to the Jungle Book

We had a nice visit to the jungle this afternoon, finally getting around to seeing the latest Disney movie, "The Jungle Book."  We actually splurged a bit and went to see it in 3-D this time, as the movie seemed to be made for that sort of thing.  And it was, actually.  This movie is pretty amazing what they did.  How easily we accept that these live action creatures are all real, and at the same time have such great personalities.  It was a tall task to make this sort of thing all work out, and yet it really does.  The three of us enjoyed the movie quite a bit.  And as a bonus, we apparently had with us in the theater a good portion of the population of India with us.

This morning was fantastic.  We had our third weekend of "Fish Tales," where Hot Rod Casten (the most electrifying man in fish entertainment history) returned for a bit of swagger.

He's sort of a cross between Bill Dance, Elvis Presley, and Johnny Bravo.  And the kids love him, although when it comes time to cheer on who they think will win, it's going to be either the boys or the girls.  Hot Rod is a presence of his own, threatening to take away the fishing tournament winnings from everyone.

Along the way, the boys are sort of goofing along.  They need flies for fly fishing, and one pesky fly seems to keep landing on one and then the other and so on.  The end result is a 'swat-fest,' where the characters - hoisting their flyswatters - were chasing each other, new tournament guests, and even a few kids in the audience.

Pastor Lance talked about the miracle of the fish and the loaves, about how with Jesus, a little is a lot.  Madison is seated to the left in that picture above, although not seen.  She and the other kids really got that bottom line today, and that's what it's all about.  We really push that bottom line, and try to make a lasting memory.

It was a good day fishing, and a good day at the jungle later on.  We did some piano today, and did some reading too.  We finished up Rey's backstory tonight, as well as reading from the Fish Tales devotional.  And all three of us were off to sleep a little early tonight.  We've got testing this week, so it's good for Madison to get some rest.  It's good for all of us to get some rest, eh?

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