Friday, April 15, 2016

Good Grief, Another Movie Bash!

Here's Madison with one of her church friends, Emma tonight at our KidPak Movie Bash.  It was yet another movie bash, where all the kids came to see the latest release.  Tonight we watched the "The Peanuts Movie," because it's amazing.  No really.  This is a great movie!  The kids got there for popcorn, drinks and a movie, and it was just a fun night to hang out together.  Madison loves coming to these things, and I've lost count of how many movie bashes she's actually been to.  I remember one of the earlier ones, "Wreck-it Ralph," where she wore a Vanellope Von Schweetz shirt.  Looking back, she's been to quite a few of these.  Mostly, she's pretty much seen all the movies before she goes - but it's just fun to hang out with all her friends from church, and of course eat popcorn.

The ladder people were back at the house today:

These are our painters, first filling in all the cracks and places that need attention.  From the inside of the house, it really is quite peculiar to see a person standing outside of a window, on the second floor.  But they are really paying attention to every detail, and by the time they are done with the house, it's going to look so good.

Madison had a bit more testing today, though not as much as yesterday.  The testing continues next week, as do some other assignments - but this weekend she'll be homework free, at least as far as school is concerned.  Hopefully, she'll get some of her piano work done.  We'll be developing another weekly chore chart for her, this one with a bit of motivation attached to it, with some rewards that she's after, like the latest Poe Dameron comic book.

It was late, but Madison crawled into bed with us, just before we all went to sleep.  Tonight, we read more from Rey's adventures, and read from the Fish Tales devotional as well.  This series is going by rather quickly, Fish Tales.  Already, we're halfway through it.  But it's been fun.

Today we filmed by Flat Creek a bit, one last video for the series.  We did some fishing, but not with any hopes of actually catching anything, to be honest.  Flat Creek is kind of nasty!  But on film, the video short looks good, and we got the point across.

So tonight we went to bed, quite sleepy from a full day.  Tomorrow should be another full day as well, but we'll cross that bridge when we get to it.  Also, somewhere this weekend, we'll be visiting with Mowgli and "The Jungle Book."  Should be a great weekend!

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