Monday, April 25, 2016

Doctor Visit

We returned to the doctor's office this morning, a little later and for a lot longer.  But with the same results:  no flu, no strep, a good blood count, and no sign of pneumonia.   So what's up with the fever and the coughing?  The doctor doesn't quite know exactly, because there are no apparent clues to why Madison has had a fever now going on seven days.  The good news is that the fever is down somewhat from before.  The coughing is more though, although as we type this tonight, she's quietly sleeping in bed.  Tonight without medication, her fever seemed to be going down a bit, although a little feverish.  Perhaps this is the very tail end of this thing, or at least that is our hope.

We missed school again today, although she has been doing some work at home.  She's creating her own magazine about ballet, and has an opinion piece already written about it.  Add to that now a poem that she has written, and some jokes she's found, jokes she'll be telling us over and over again.  Because that's what nine-year-olds do...!

We sat together today, reading, playing games, and watching movies.  Madison is seen above using the doctor's wi-fi to watch "Jump In" for the third or fourth time.  But later on, we were watching an older movie she hasn't seen before:  "The Borrowers."  it was good, and might serve as a bridge to some Miyazaki movies later on, when we start again with "The Secret Life of Arietty."  But for now, she enjoyed the movie - and the popcorn.  She was coughing a bit during the movie, but I think that was during the more exciting scenes.  Tonight, she's relaxing in bed, sleeping more soundly than we've heard in about a week's time, without coughing so much.

We read from our great fishing devotional, and then started off on the final reading of this "Before the Awakening" book, reading about Finn's beginnings with the First Order.  Madison is really getting into this book, and it was a longer one too.  We'll have to find another one to do next, although we have plenty, Daddy wants to pick a good one.  We might go to the library for one or two.  Ah yes, the library:  it won't be long until Madison signs up for the summer reading program again.  Summer is sneaking up on us, and all those weeks will be full before you know it.

But for now, let's just focus on getting well again.  No more fever please!

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