Tuesday, April 5, 2016

First Order Shuffleboard

Today was our first full day back at Satellite Beach, but more importantly, it was Taco Tuesday.  We'll get to the tacos in a bit.  First, a word about shuffle board:  Madison and Daddy had a big game of shuffle board this afternoon, getting out of the house for a bit, and tangling in an epic duel of fates using our shuffleboard sticks.

Madison decided that she would be Rey, striking a familiar Rey pose with her shuffle board stick.  Therefore Daddy had to be Kylo Ren, using his dark-colored sliding things.  Okay, what are those called?  Pucks?

Anyway, we had fun with that for a bit, and it was nice out there in the sun with the ocean waves behind us.  It's a nice place we're staying at, and we got to do a bit of exploring today.  Yes, we visited the pool, with its fancy schmancy heated water.  Can you believe we were actually cold when we got out?  We went swimming about an hour, not really wanting to get out of the pool, but the sun was blazing overhead.  The weather is nice, but regardless, that sun is quite deliberate in its threat to burn up those of us with pale skin.  Daddy isn't quite sure when his skin became so allergic to excessive amouts of sun, but irregardless, we returned back to the quiet shade of our condo to play an exciting game of... Dominoes!

This would be Madison's first real game of dominoes, the Mexican train game where you take turns trying to use up all your dominoes.  Out of three rounds with Mommy, Nana and Daddy... Madison won two.  And it was legit too.  Nana won the third round, and by that point we were done with the game until tomorrow at least.  It was enjoyable, but dominoes is an addictive game that sort of goes on and on.  It can get out of hand, like fishing!

Of course, we walked along the beach today.  All five of us had two trips, one in the morning, and one in the evening.  Tomorrow should be sand castle day.  But this morning, it was all about shells.  We found an amazing amount of shells along the shoreline this morning, so many that you could pick out the ones you like and leave a whole lot there in the sand.  Madison filled a bucket with seashells as we all walked along the shore.  It's still a quiet beach, although not as quiet as it is up further where the other condo is.  Well, let's take that back a step:  the other place was quieter with people.  This place is quieter with aircraft - as in there aren't as many.  The other place was closer to the Air Force base, and therefore closer to some planes taking off for exercises and so forth.  But both are still nice. Just different!

The weather has been perfect.  Can you believe it gets chilly at night here?  The afternoon weather though is just right, again quite sunny.

Madison has been doing her homework a bit in the afternoon, while Mommy and Daddy read or simply rest on the balcony overlooking the ocean.  The sound of the waves is soothing, quite therapeutic!

Nana and Ba-Ba were ready with all the implements for Taco Tuesday tonight, and this was a great deal for Madison, who was very excited about the prospect of keeping the Taco Tuesday tradition alive, despite it being outside the usual border.  Yes, even in Florida, we can observe Taco Tuesday.  So let it be written, so let it be done.

And thus we wrap up another day, reading from our Fish Tales devotional, and another chapter in Mary Poppins' next book about a celestial circus.  After Madison went to bed, Mommy and Daddy went to the main room here, and watched another episode of "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.", completely annoyed at election coverage interrupting at just the wrong moment.  But the episode was a big one, as the season continues to wind down.  Mommy and Daddy remain big Marvel fans.

With that, it's pretty much time for bed.  Time to watch the stars, listen to the waves, and time to shut our eyes and continue our rest.  It was a good start to our week.

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