Sunday, April 10, 2016

Thumbs Up!

One of our cast members is up in Charlotte now, involved in a marathon that she was unsure about.  The picture above is one we sent to her from church this morning, an encouragement to her, and a big thumbs up to let her know she could make it!

Speaking of which, we made it to church this morning.  It was tough getting up, but sure enough, we were there for part two of our series, "Fish Tales."  It was a fantastic morning, thanks to our staff and volunteers.  The skit was hilarious, with the return of our celebrity fisherman Hot Rod Casten.  He's a mix between Elvis and Bill Dance, with lots of smart remarks that could be taken largely from Johnny Bravo or Bruce Campbell.  He's a great character, but most importantly, the lesson of the morning was driven home:  don't get lured in.  It was a message about Samson and Delilah, about temptation, and about not falling for that bait.  Madison loved it.

The rest of the day was pretty restful, as you would imagine.  Daddy napped, mainly because he couldn't do that yesterday.  We watched a movie that Josh got us at Christmas time (finally), "Cats Don't Dance."  It was really good - our favorite character was Max.

And after that, it was basically bedtime.  Madison did finish her homework packet this afternoon, ensuring that she would not have homework the rest of the school year.  What a deal that was!  Her teacher gave the kids a lot of homework over spring break with the promise that if they got it all done, there'd be NO homework the rest of the year.  With that goal in mind, Madison has been steadily working towards her goal, and doing quite well with it.  The reading and comprehension portion of the packet is the last thing to go, as she seems to have more challenges with that sort of assignment.  But nevertheless, she trudges through it all and this afternoon, she accomplished her goal.  No homework for the rest of the year!

Tonight's bedtime story was first the devotional, and then the second Mary Poppins book.  We're approaching the end of it, as spring is here now (put up by three people last night in the park).  Only one chapter left of this book, but not to worry:  we have the others books still to go.  Although, I suspect Madison would much rather hear this other Star Wars book that Daddy was previewing last week at the beach:  it's a bit of a prequel, involving characters from the latest Star Wars movie, "Before the Awakening."

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