Monday, April 4, 2016


A recent fad here has been to "Powerpuff yourself," part of a promotion for the Powerpuff Girls coming back to television.  We did just that as you can see above, and it's pretty fun.  Many of our friends have been doing the same thing, as social media has been peppered with pictures of Powerpuff people.

Today was the day we made the drive down to Satellite Beach.  Nothing interesting to report on the way down, which in itself is good news.  It's just a long, boring drive.  We do this drive south so often that certain things no longer are interesting - we point out the same landmarks to Madison:  look, it's the clock tower at Perry.  Or, hey, check out the Jacksonville skyline from the bridge.  This time around, we saw the Cirque du Soleil tent again, as Kurios is still playing in Atlanta.  Also, we passed by Turner Field, which had its opening day of the season today - it's the last season at Turner Field, due to the fact that the city of Atlanta apparently didn't really care about having the Braves IN town anymore.  We'll probably go see a game before the end of the season, just to say we did.  Daddy's first visit to that stadium was in 1996, during the Olympics.  It was beautiful then, and even now, Daddy really likes Turner Field.  It's just the area it is at.  And the parking, which is legendarily horrific.  We know many people who have endured nightmares, and we ourselves went through one.  It's just a bad location, and nothing was ever done about it.  So, unfortunately, they're moving it.

Anyway, on the way down, Mommy packed lunches and snacks, and we listened to all kinds of music on the iPod.  The weather was perfect, and the traffic (after a typical jam in Atlanta) was ideal.  In short, it was a really dull drive.  But those are the safest ones, and for that we're of course quite grateful.

We arrived here at Satellite Beach earlier than anticipated, finding our new condo quite easily.  It was a warm reunion with the grandparents, and quite refreshing to see and hear the Atlantic once more.  Madison is quite excited.  We sat and talked, the five of us.  Daddy is already reading his books, and seated on the balcony overlooking the ocean.  We read from Mary Poppins and our Fish Tales devotional, and soon it was time for bed.  The long drive makes you tired, which we all three were.  But we are here, and we're ready for a nice week!

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