Thursday, April 21, 2016

Sick Day

Madison still has a fever, and coughing too.  We took the day off, although she was insistent that Daddy go to the school and pick up her pink writing notebook.  The reason for this? So she could continue her school work.  She has an opinion piece due on Tuesday, and her rough draft is inside that notebook.  So Daddy went and met with the teacher, and together, Madison and Daddy revised the opinion piece that Madison wrote up about ballet.

With Spy Games coming up, we watched a new movie about disguises, Dana Carvey's "Master of Disguise" movie, which is mostly for kids.  Madison enjoyed the part that we thought she would:  the Turtle Club.  We saw this movie a while ago, and all the kids were imitating the main character, Pistachio, calling out, "Turtle, turtle, turtle!"  It's certainly odd, but she enjoyed the movie nonetheless.  And Daddy is probably going to use a clip from this movie during the series coming up.

We had a sudden rain today, one that caught our painters off guard.  They've been working all week, ladders hoisted up to the top of our house, working carefully for days now.  It's nearly been a week, and about three of them have been steadily improving the house all around. Nice guys!

But the rain caught us all off guard.  We had the windows open, so it was a race to get those closed, all while some were 'sealed' with paint a bit.  So up went the ladders in the pouring rain, and Daddy was out there too.  We all got soaked!

The only bit of remaining news is a change of location for Nana and Ba-Ba.  They have finally settled on the new place where they will live.  Ba-Ba has been a little bit bored with their current location, so they've been searching beach properties, and they found something they like at Daytona Shores.  I think that's the name of the area.  It's south of Daytona Beach, I believe.  We'll find out soon enough, of course.  It appears as if this last trip to Satellite Beach may be one of our final trips, as from this point on you'll be reading the words "Daytona Shores"a bit more often.

It's not too far from Daytona Beach of course, and while we're certainly no big fans of all the crowds you see around there at spring break and so forth, there is a boardwalk there.  And that's the sort of thing Daddy and Mommy really remember from the beach growing up, with salt water taffy and rides and fun.  We might have to do our Boardwalk series again at KidPak, maybe a whole summer of beach themes.  Regardless, it seems as if we've wrapped up our stay at Satellite Beach - four times is the charm.  We'll move up the coast somewhat and be checking out Daytona next…

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