Thursday, March 31, 2016

Lake Portrait

This is a pretty interesting school picture, isn't it?  It's different, which is why we like it, and why we're buying it.  It goes well with our "Fish Tales" series, as if Madison is down by the lake or something.  I love these backdrops.  Or is it a backdrop?  Maybe they really brought the kids down to the lake!

Or not.  Anyway, our work towards our "Fish Tales" series continues today despite all the other things currently going on as well.  For example:  allergy shots.  Daddy is half-way through these shots now, which is something to cheer about.  Home stretch, right?

Speaking of which, we were in a baseball mood today, so we plugged in the movie "Angels in the Outfield" tonight.  Daddy just happened to be wearing his Angels hat, so we were off and running with a new movie experience for Madison.  She enjoyed it, so you can expect we'll be watching "Angels in the Infield" and "Angels in the Endzone."  I don't remember a football team that has the name of Angels though.  I don't think that sounds quite that aggressive.  But then again, do Cardinals sound aggressive?  Or Packers?  Or Dolphins?  So yeah.

Madison had another good speech therapy today after school.  Things went so well, the teacher there sees a time when she might not need speech therapy so much anymore.  We'll see how that goes, of course.  Things can always get better, right?

We've been packing for our vacation upcoming, which meant that Madison was putting together all the movies that she wants to take with her.  Apparently, there's going to be a "High School Musical" marathon on the way down.

Finally, a word about the weather.  We're so thankful for the rain.  It is slightly threatening, but we've been blessed with safety tonight.  A look at the radar, and it appears as if we're all clear for a wet night with heavy rain, but not much else.  The bigger blessing, honestly, is the fact that this pollen count will go down significantly after this.  It's been amazingly high this week, so the rain is something we've been counting the days for.

So tonight we said our thanks at bedtime, and did some more reading from the second "Mary Poppins" book.  It has some similarities to the first book, at least two chapters that seem to be nearly identical, in fact.  But it's still a fun read for the family, one that Madison looks forward to.  In fact, she requested it, so we're happy to go with it!

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