Friday, March 11, 2016


Today we went back to see Cirque du Soleil and their newest production, "Kurios."  This was a complete surprise to Madison, who had half a day at school today, so we decided to take a drive south on 400, all the while she was clueless as to where we were going exactly.  Only when she saw the yellow and blue striped tent did she realize it was time to see Cirque du Soleil once again.

The show itself was just perfect.  We thought the last one "Amaluna" was okay, but this one here is Daddy's favorite since 1996's "Quidam."  It might be the steampunk influence that they've got going on.  You can see below that Madison has joined the steampunk movement a bit.

There are so many surprises in the show, and of course there are acts that simply amaze, leaving you to wonder how anyone could do any of the things you are watching them do.  But the thing that impresses the most is the overall feel of the production, with costumes and music and fluidity.  The surprises and performances just suck you in, taking you along for a journey unlike any other.  And yet at the same time quite familiar to those who've seen Cirque du Soleil before.

All three of us enjoyed it very much, as you would suspect.  We got there a little early, although not too early. We gave ourselves two hours to get to Atlanta, and made it with about twenty minutes to spare.  Once again, another accident backed things up and we were stuck in the usual traffic jam.  But when we arrived, we were able to get into the tent, and also pick up the things we got with our package deal: souvenir water bottles (the same one that Daddy's had in his collection for the past three Cirques) - a total of three of them (one for each of us).  We also got popcorn and drinks with the deal, and had some great seats, center and back a bit - just perfect for viewing the entire production.

We left quite happy with it all, blown away once more.  We took our usual pictures of Madison with a mask on at their shop, and of course picked up the soundtrack and a souvenir program book.  We weren't the last ones to leave the tent, but it was close - we were in no hurry to get stuck in traffic on the way home.  The strategy worked:  we enjoyed our time in the tent, and didn't have much traffic to contend with on the way home.

It was an earlier show we saw, but we still got home late enough to pretty much go straight to bed.  That we did, after our reading from the books we've been hitting each night this week.  It was a great day with wonderful weather outside.  Traffic was bad as always in Atlanta, but event we went to see there was one of those that left us inspired, and quite thrilled with Cirque du Soleil once again.

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