Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Pollen and Mud

Mary Poppins came back today, this time on the back of a kite in the park.  Madison wanted to hear the next book in the series, so we're off and running with a new bedtime story.  This one seems a bit longer, so it'll probably last a while.  But that's okay, as everyone seems to enjoy it.

No rain today, no way to clear out this pollen lurking in the air.  There's this threat that lingers, to drive us all insane.  Why won't it go away?  It's always there, always hanging low, dangling in our faces, and violating our respiratory system.  Ugh.

We've had all kinds of bad news in the world, particularly in Belgium, where there's been another horrific terrorist attack.  And meanwhile, the electoral cycle here in this country is quite stressful.  We're down to three candidates (from sixteen?) on one side, and two on the other.  All of them are not looking that attractive right now, but that's part of the election business.  I think if anyone could stop the attacks long enough, they might see the merits of appearing as a positive sort of candidate rising above the muck of mudslinging.  There's a great quote attributed to Adlai Stevenson:  "He who slings mud generally loses ground."  Of course, Adlai Stevenson severely lost both his attempts to be President, so there's that too.  It's just that this year there seems to be a General Sherman sort of approach to politics, where anything in everyone's path is fair game, where bridges are burning left and right.

And then there are two local issues for the state of Georgia, and a governor who is tasked with making a couple of big decisions within the next few weeks.  Lots of pressure on him right now.  Can you believe that Hollywood, the NFL and many other corporations are ordering him around now?  Here's his moment that he'll always look back on - out of any other moment.  Everyone's waiting to see what happens here locally.

It was a church night tonight, and it was there that we learned about Namaan.  We had a fun skit, one that had our class screaming quite a bit.  But the lessons were learned, and it was all good.  KidPak is always lots of fun.

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