Friday, March 4, 2016

Panther Creek

Here we are at Panther Creek, the actors and the film crew, getting ready for some fun and filming.

Uh, yes.  There's Daddy too.  This is apparently the only expression he is capable of making when taking a photo of himself with this phone.  We were up there in Habersham County a little early this morning, and there was still snow on the ground in places - but it was warming up fast.  This is a nice little trailhead, and just a great spot not far off the road to do some filming in the woods.  It seems remote, but aside from the longer drive up there, it's not so bad.

Ah yes.  And here's the amazing tree we filmed - and climbed upon - for our tree video.  This is the "record cover" pose we did for one of the videos, with Calvin in front there quoting a bit of the poem "Trees."

Anyway, it was quite a full day of filming.  And it was fun to get out of the office for a bit, despite the chilly weather in the morning.  Everything turned out fine in the end, and we got a lot done with filming for the next few weeks.

Daddy got home later, but Madison and Mommy were there with a big delicious dinner.  We watched "Yogi Bear" tonight, and just generally squandered away the evening on the couch.  But the rest did us good, as we all had a busy day.  Madison got perfect attendance this last quarter, and she's got another HIGH FLYER award due her this upcoming Wednesday.  She wins one of these per year, a chance to celebrate students for good behavior traits.  She won hers for the virtue of PASSION.  We'll find out more what that means on Wednesday, because Daddy is going to that presentation with Mommy.  We love seeing our little girl honored like that.  She's definitely a well-behaved princess!

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