Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Super Tuesday

So our candidate didn't win again, but that's okay - we were a part of the process today.  The day is called Super Tuesday because of all the states that are voting in primaries, one of those being the state of Georgia.  Madison got the traditional "I'm a Georgia Voter" sticker, just because she always gets the stickers.  See that tie?  Mommy found that one at Goodwill, and it was a big hit today.  Daddy gets to wear it two or three times a year during patriotic sorts of days like this one.

Anyway, voting was pretty heavy today, which was good to see so many people doing their civic duty.  Though the person we voted for in the primary didn't win, we'll still support the winner of that party regardless.  It might be one of those years where you pinch your nose to vote, but by gum we'll be doing it!

Today was a work day, but there was also piano class after school.  Mrs. Pam always throws in some fun activities to help kids learn rhythm, like this one here below:

The parachute game!  If there's a parachute - it doesn't matter how big or small - count Madison in.  The idea here was to keep the ball going up and down in time to the music.  As you might suspect, it didn't quite work out that well!  But it was still lots of fun.

Tonight we had Taco Tuesday, which is a very important day of the week.  It's not just Tuesday.  It's Taco Tuesday.  Madison - and I'm not making this up - gets up in the morning, and before school she announces to Mommy and Daddy that, "It's Taco Tuesday!"  And so we know we'd better get all the materials ready for that.  She eats a lot too.  Tonight, she - again I'm not making this up - ate four large tacos.  Just wow.

We did our homework after that, our reading and our other assignments.  Daddy had to work some more, getting things ready for our new series this weekend, "Roughin' It."  And soon, it was time for bed, and more "Wind in the Willows."  Such a nice person, Rat is.  We would vote for Rat in a heartbeat, really.  If more people were like Rat is, the world would be a much better place!

Mommy and Daddy watched the election returns, and wondered at the state of things a bit.  Such a curious election this year, unlike anything before.  Oh well… in God we trust, right?

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