Thursday, March 24, 2016


Happily, we welcomed the rain today after a week solid of no rain.  Normally, we'd be okay with a stretch of nothing at all from the skies, but the pollen count has been so outrageous lately that we've been anxious to see a little rain to help with all the allergies.  Unfortunately, the rain we got here wasn't quite enough to get so much of the pollen down.  A walk into the front yard, and we were all assaulted by that smell of the Bradford Pears again.  The pollen was not driven away as much as we hoped, and we all fled to the safety of the Great Indoors!

Seriously, the pollen count has been bothering at least two of us in the house a little more than usual this year.  Madison and Daddy are both reacting in different ways.  Madison has some medication to help out with the sniffles, and Daddy's sinuses have been irritated, causing fevers and headaches.  That said, you can see how much we look forward to another good, solid, soaking rain.

Do you remember that "Mario Party 4" game we started a few weeks back?  We actually finished it tonight!  Luigi and Peach absolutely crushed Mario and Daisy after 25 rounds of this game.  It took a long time to finish, playing a little each night that we could along the way.

Don't worry:  Madison did a lot of homework and piano tonight.  She did her multiplication tables again, this big sheet of paper with lots of problems on it.  She has to do it in under five minutes, and she's been doing well with that lately.  Her average has been 97 out of 100.

Daddy got his allergy shots today, and Mommy went grocery shopping for Easter.  While she shopped, Daddy wrote quite a bit for "Fish Tales," our upcoming series at KidPak.  After dinner tonight, Madison got what might be her most extensive peek at the Monty Python cast.  At the moment, I can't remember a time where she's seen so many of those comedians all in one movie.  What movie was it, you ask?  It was "Mr. Toad's Wild Ride."

We just read this story, so as it was fresh on our minds, we thought we'd revisit "The Wind in the Willows" once again, to see how close the movie was to the original story.  It turns out it was a bit closer to the original story than the actual Disney cartoon was.  Not to say we didn't like them both, but the point is that we think they did a great job with this movie.  It had about four of the Python actors in it, so there's a plus too.  Terry Jones was great as Mr. Toad, and by evening's end (and even into the next morning) the thing to say around the house (in a very Toad-like voice) was "Poop-poop!"

Before bedtime, we revisited Mary Poppins a bit, as she revisited the Banks Family.  Apparently, everyone was fine with her just flying off and leaving them high and dry last book.  It's been fun to read at bedtime lately, as both Mommy and Madison are focused on what happens next with these stories.  And we love reading the classic stories, although we'll throw in some new ones from time to time.

Anyway, it was a good day today.  We didn't have speech therapy, so as you could imagine, we had a bit more time to play with for reading, watching, playing.  And homework and piano of course.  Madison has started off on her Chopin practice, and it is going well. Slow, but getting more sure of herself as she plods along on those keys.  Give her a week, and she'll be doing much better on this piece - it doesn't take her long with repetition.  And there was a lot of it today. She spent a long time on the keyboard, so we were happy to reward her for that.

And so, our day is drawing to an end.  There is but one more thing I need to add before closing out this blog entry:  "Poop-poop!"

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