Monday, March 28, 2016

Fallen Pollen

Above you see something like snowfall.  They're petals in the front yard, falling like snowflakes.  It was pretty to look at, but the other side of spring was the pollen count.  It's crazy high.  The pollen count is at record levels, well over 4,000.  Driving down 400 today was crazy.  Here's my poem about pollen.  It's free verse, because why not?  

The Pollen is Falling

Looking upward, you see it so clearly, 
streams of golden mist floating menacingly overhead, drifting low in the skies, 
reaching their murky tendrils downward towards helpless travelers 
with nowhere to escape to.  

See explosions of yellow as branches sway and drop their pollen, 
just as a tree branch drops a heavy load of snow.  
Instead of falling downward, the sickly cloud floats in the air,
joining the oppressive haze all around.  
More rain, please!

We had ballet tonight, which meant a bit of reading time for Daddy, who is still working on this interesting Marty Sklar book.  Madison was dancing inside, working on her spring recital with the other girls.  She's excited about ballet.

But she's also excited about taquitos.  For some reason, she had it in her mind to return to Race Trac, where we could get more taquitos.  It was built up as some sort of restaurant visit, like a Daddy-Daughter Date Night or something.  The two of us found our seats there inside Race Trac, and there we had dinner:  a few taquitos and some Arizona ice tea.  Yes, the ambience and atmosphere there is perfect for date night - perhaps this would be a great place to take Mommy for our anniversary!

Madison was working on homework today, studying habitats and doing some basic math problems.  Her fluency reading assignment is not about some flaming liberal this week, so there's a plus!

We read from Mary Poppins some more tonight, a genuinely creepy chapter that seemed more like an episode of "The Twilight Zone" than anything.  It was fun, actually, with Jane the daughter getting stuck inside a painting on an old plate.

Mommy and Daddy watched "Ant-Man" tonight, that Easter basket gift from yesterday.  Daddy couldn't wait to watch it again - it's a pretty fun movie.  Now there's a theme, right?  We should check out "Honey I Shrunk the Kids" again, and maybe "The Incredible Shrinking Woman," that old movie with Lily Tomlin.  I barely remember that one from a long time ago.  It featured a product called "Galaxy Glue," with a theme song my sister and I sang over and over again.

ANYWAY, it's time to head to bed.  Rain is scheduled for the end of the week.  I hope we can make it until then!

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