Monday, March 14, 2016

Pi Pie

Look at this delicious pie Mommy made today!  It is Pi Day, 3/14.  If you round up pi to 3.1416, then that matches the date of the day (3/14/16).  But who really rounds up pi anymore?  It's either 3.14 or some really long extended number that I can never seem to remember past 3.14159265 or something like that.

Daddy was getting the car taken care of this morning in Roswell, and thought to go to a Publix in town there, where it was more likely to find a gluten-free pie crust. Sure enough, there it was - and thus the whole family was able to enjoy this amazing pi pie to celebrate the day.  This thing is so incredibly rich!

After ballet, we got home and were able to enjoy this and dinner as well, also tackling the usual gambit of homework and piano that sat before us.  We didn't have much time after that, as ballet is from 4:00 - 5:15 each day, and by the time you get home, there's homework, eating and just enough time to squeeze in a short round of video games or something.  We did do a bit of Disney Infinity 3.0, and after that there was bedtime, with reading and prayers, and dreaming of π.  Or pie.

What is it about pi that gets it a holiday each year?  There's nothing terribly deep here, but pi is that constant in all circles.  It's a hidden number always there, always inside no matter the size of that circle.  You could have a circle with the dimensions of the universe, or a microcosmic circle invisible to the naked eye, and yet both will have pi within.  It's a constant, a dependable sort of thing that fascinates us.  What is it about this magical number?  If there is a circle, it must have within it 3.14.  A circle without pi is quite simply not a circle.

Furthermore, pi is infinite.  Certain people with much more time than I do have memorized as many as 70,000 digits of pi (again, Daddy gets to around 3.14159265 and that's it).  But it goes beyond that, of course.  I think currently, computers have figured out pi up to around 13.3 trillion digits.  But it always goes beyond that, because the number is infinite, with the wise always searching for more, and there always being more to it.

These sorts of characteristics - infinite and always there, always constant, as well as an essential component - these are the things that fascinate us about pi, and at least in my case, remind me of our Creator and his perfect design for this universe.  It's like a little Easter egg God placed in every circle that has ever existed.

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