Saturday, March 26, 2016

Kylo Ren Easter Egg

By request, Madison wanted a Kylo Ren Easter Egg, so Daddy did his best to create one.  Keep in mind we're just using the old school dipping system here.  We combined red and blue dyes into one cup, and held the egg in very shortly to cover the entire thing in a light grey color.  Then we held it at various angles for longer periods of time to shape the area around his light grey mask.  Then, Daddy added the dark black lines with a marker to create the end result, which we were pretty proud of.  Clearly, this dark side is strong with this egg.  Don't mess with it, as this one will put a hole in your eggs pretty fast.

So tonight was our annual Easter Egg dying party, which went on a long time actually.  This is because we were all so into making different patterns and colors and ideas.  Seriously, we were probably doing this about two hours or so, solely focused on making different designs.  We had all different experiments going on with the coloring, and the three of us had a happy evening getting creative with the eggs.

The rest of the day was work, as you might suspect.  It was work for Mommy, who is hosting our family Easter at our house tomorrow.  She was cooking, preparing, and decorating all day.  By late evening, she was definitely ready for a long rest.

Daddy was at the office, preparing for Easter service tomorrow.  We'll wrap up our "Roughin' It" series  with one final skit that has the campers figuring out about Big Foot.  The message is all about gathering around the fire, or why we go to church - singing songs, hearing stories, feeling the warmth and light of his love.  See the connection?  Anyway, following that, there'll be a pretty extensive look at the Easter story once more.  Daddy assembled a long series of pictures, and once again Pastor Lance will tell the greatest story ever told, from Calvary to the empty tomb.

But for now, it's back to work here.  We have baskets to make, and a virtual egg hunt to create on Disney Infinity.  Tomorrow should be pretty epic...!

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