Sunday, March 6, 2016


Great volunteers at KidPak - we launched our new series, "Roughin' It" today, and to celebrate, we had everyone wear plaid!  These aren't all our plaid-wearing volunteers, but probably the most we could get on stage at one time.  The thing is that there are so many kids out there that we have to keep volunteers out in many places throughout the day.

Anyway, the day was a big success, from beginning to end.  The new set was nice, and even smelled a little "outdoorsy" with the mulch we have placed on the set as well.  The skit was fun, one that welcomed the return of Big Foot to our stage.

Here's Madison above.  The girl pictured on her shirt was actually wearing plaid, so does that count?  She had a great morning, seen here with Violet, the two of them both wearing tutus.  I don't think people wear tutus when out in the wild, but to each their own, right?

The message was called "Take a Hike," about starting off on the right path, following the straight and narrow path of Jesus, and making sure you leave a good path of your own.  It was a good morning with lots of laughs and learning.  And plaid!

After church, we met the rest of the family (grandparents, cousins, Aunt Shain) to go see the movie "Zootopia."  Here you can see that Madison was dressed for the occasion:

We got these ears a few weeks ago at the Disney Store.  Madison has the rabbit ears, and Ye-Ye has the fox ears.  Don't worry - we didn't wear these through the entire movie!  Just the good parts.

Kidding.  There were a lot of good parts in the movie, as everyone enjoyed it.  Up until now, and obviously from this point on, Madison's favorite characters have been the sloths.  This is to the point that she talks like a sloth from the movie all the time, telling all sorts of jokes.  In.  Slow.  Motion.  All.  The.  Time.

We had just enough time getting home to do piano, and we also finished "The Wind in the Willows" this evening too.  Mr. Toad does learn his lesson by story's end, and we're happy to report that his character does change to the point that he isn't so self-destructive anymore.  We'll watch the old Disney movie soon enough, but it's great to read these classics.  Mommy has never heard this story from the book before, so it's a bit of fun for all of us to sit and hear some great old books before bedtime.  Madison has requested the next book in the "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" series after this, so we'll leave the 'classics' for a bit.  But another booklet we're reading at night now is the Roughin' It devotional, which Daddy started reading tonight.  It's a fun story written by a pretty good author, if you know who I mean!

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