Thursday, March 10, 2016

Mario Party 4

It's a board game, but also a video game - today we started what looks like it will be a week-long game of Mario Party 4, one of the Gamecube games from some time ago.  Madison just loves this game.  She chose Princess Peach, of course.  Daddy is Luigi.  We chose this game to go on for 25 rounds, and at that time Daddy didn't realize just how long 25 turns would last.  If we played it straight, who knows?  But as we squeeze in time here and there to continue this game, it could go on - this one game - for literally weeks.  So we started today, and it's been somewhat fun.

More fun than getting shots again.  Which is what Daddy did this morning, and which is why he is itching currently.  Today was speech therapy as well, which meant the drive down 400 (not so bad), and the drive back home up 400 during rush hour (self explanatory).

Madison is doing well with speech therapy still, and her new teacher is giving her some good homework assignments.  We'll add those to the rest of the pile of things to do, as it looks like Madison's schedule is getting more and more crammed with stuff to do.  Her homework has been getting more and more extensive - for example, today she had to write a paper about trying something new.  Fortunately, she's been roller skating lately, so she went with that.  At first, she was nervous and not sure how to do it.  And of course, she fell a few times.  But eventually, she got much better at it!  And this is very much true.  She's able to move around the rink quite well by this point, although not as fluid as a professional yet.  Still, she's self-sufficient to the point that (sniff, sniff!), she doesn't need Daddy so much anymore.  No more of this "holding hands as you go around the rink" stuff!

Fortunately, she does still need Daddy for Mario Party 4.  Yes, he's dominating at catching butterflies, finding treasure in mazes, and parasailing.  Just don't ask him to skate for another few weeks.  At least wait until all this swelling goes down...

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