Sunday, March 20, 2016

Smokey Bear and Woodsy Owl

Poor Woodsy Owl.  No one seems to give a hoot about him!  This was the general reaction Madison and other kids had to seeing Smokey Bear this morning, treating Woodsy like poor Booster from that movie "Jingle All the Way."  Madison gave Woodsy a hug too, and Daddy got pretty excited to see the big owl at KidPak.  Who could forget that catchy little jingle, "Give a hoot, don't pollute.  Never be a dirty bird!"

This morning we continued "Roughin' It" with cream pies and oversized mascots.  Smokey Bear comes out and catches Calvin not properly taking care of a fire in a pit, and for this reason, Calvin got an unexpected pie in the face.

It was a great morning, full of awesome praise and worship, and a perfect message about trees of all things.  It was also Palm Sunday, the morning where the kids all get palms and instructions on how to fold them like a cross.  Mommy and Daddy are pros at this by now, having ordered these crosses for years and years.  Madison was sweet, giving hers away to a volunteer outside.

As for Woodsy and Smokey Bear, they gave away some things too.  It was a big bag full of pencil sharpeners, stickers and even a comic book about Smokey Bear.  Note that we're not calling him Smokey the Bear.  There is no "the" in his name.  I know like I was, you were probably taught all of your life that it is Smokey the Bear.  Well, I am here to set the record straight:  it is not.  We learned that this weekend making arrangements for Smokey to show up with us.  We've been saying his name wrong for years.  And if we were taught that lie growing up, what else were they lying to us about?  Don't you feel so betrayed?

Anyway, as you could see, it was a great morning at KidPak, and a good service for Palm Sunday.  We got home, had some leftover Irish food, and did some serious resting afterwards.  The wind is howling outside like a banshee, but we're warm and quiet indoors.  Madison was playing piano for an hour or so, and then "LEGO Batman 3," I suppose in honor of the new movie that is coming out soon.  I don't know if she actually knows there is a new movie coming out soon, but she's playing the game regardless.

It'll get down to the 30's again tonight, which means another fire in the fireplace - it actually seems cold since we're so accustomed to the warmer weather lately.  This is probably the last one of the season, which is appropriate, as this is also the first day of Spring.  Hard to believe that, actually - it's so chilly out there, and it's the first day of Spring.  Wow.

So "Because of Winn Dixie" was Madison's choice, which of course is because she just read the book in school.  She saw longer portions of the movie in school as well, but she just wanted to watch the whole thing again tonight, especially with a tub of popcorn at her disposal.  This is a great story, something simplistic and yet magical, with a strong message about extending love to everyone.  We hadn't seen this movie in some time, but Mommy and Daddy really enjoyed it again.  As did Madison, who also loves the blooper reel afterwards...!

And the reading continues for "The Fantastic Mr. Fox," which so far has been a great book.  We should finish it tomorrow.  Speaking of which, tomorrow we start the final quarter of school, and see ourselves with just one week until Easter itself.  Time to get serious about all the plans we're making upcoming - lots going on for summer, and spring too - because here we go!

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