Monday, February 15, 2016

Worrell Tour

This morning was a sleep-late kind of morning, which is something we did, sleeping in to a whopping 8:00 am.  It's funny how relative things are when you're used to getting up earlier each morning.  That's in fact two hours later than the typical school morning.  And everyone got enough rest, getting up on their own.  First stop this morning:  the chiropractor.  Madison loves this place as always.  It was busy this morning, and we were stationed in a different room than usual.  But the same usual habits are there:  Madison hides when she knows the doctor is coming, usually behind a chair or something.  She goes first with the back massage, the whole time talking to the doctor's assistant about Valentine's Day and her weekend.  Afterwards, she replaces the paper on the bed so that Daddy can take his place, always cleaning up after herself and a creature of habit.

We came straight home after that, pretty much.  Today was a day off for Madison, and Presidents Day no less.  On the way there, we had story time, which had a Presidents Day theme to it.  In this story, Chester A. Arthur came to battle, riding upon a green hippo.  Coincidentally, today is actually Hippo Day.  We did not know this when making up our story here - it must have just been in the air, I suppose.  Anyway, when Daddy and Madison start making up stories like this, things get kind of surreal.  Which is a lot of fun.  Chester A. Arthur's exploits today were certainly a lot more exciting than anything that happened during his Presidency.  What a way to celebrate Presidents Day.  And Hippo Day.

Daddy finished his "Roughin' It" devotional today, which took a bit of time.  To celebrate, we played a board game, one of those Disney board games with the pop-up parts to it.  This one actually connects to other board games with pop-up parts, which connects to other board games with pop-up parts.  We rolled the dice and moved from the Cinderella board to the Frozen board to the Tangled board and back again.  Daddy won the first two games, which is highly unusual.  Madison came back for a victory at the end, and by that time we were ready to move on to something new.

Like food!  We had a few good meals today, including a barbecue sandwich that Mommy made on her own.  She has to have something gluten-free, so she's been experimenting and attempting to create her own barbecue sauce.  Over in the kitchen, she dons her lab jacket and safety glasses, combining beakers of experimental sauces with each other, studying the results with a microscope.  Finally, around lunch time, there is the cry of "Eureka!"  She has discovered a good barbecue sauce that the entire family can enjoy.  We will call it Zenanium.  Or something like that.

Anyway, food was good today.  The weather was not so good.  First, it was cold.  Then, it was rainy.  And then later, sleeting.  No snow accumulations, as much as everyone in the North Georgia area was hoping.  No ice either, which is a big pain of course.  But at least there's the prospect of not going in to work.  We're still hoping for one of those snow days, but for the moment Daddy is glad he got to make at least one semi-snow creation earlier on.  It seriously appears as if we might get any snow this year, as much as it has been dusting lately.  We're talking accumulations, people.  We haven't got any.  This is sad.

So as you read above, we're doing our series "Roughin' It" in a few weeks.  This brings us to the "research" phase of our planning, which involves watching movies related to the theme we're going to do.  Behold, a list of semi-appropriate 'camping' or 'national park' movies!

1.  Ernest Goes to Camp
2.  Daddy Day Camp
3.  RV
4.  The Parent Trap
5.  Addams Family Values (okay, this one is a stretch)
6.  The Great Outdoors
7.  Follow Me Boys
8.  Harry and the Hendersons
9.  Camp Nowhere (have not seen this one yet)
10.  Camp Rock (we have not seen this one either!)
11.  Kronk's New Groove
12.  Yogi Bear
13.  Planes:  Fire and Rescue
14.  Man of the House (haven't seen this one)
15.  Bushwacked (not this one either!)

Some of these we're not watching with Madison.  But the first one on the list there is the one we chose for tonight.  For some weird reason, Daddy has never seen it before - nor Mommy.  We own just about all the Ernest Worrell movies, thanks to an Easter basket a few years ago.  So the "Worrell Tour" continued tonight with a viewing of "Ernest Goes to Camp," and a visit to Camp Kikakee, along with a bucket of popcorn.

It wasn't that bad of a movie.  Which is what I usually say about an Ernest movie.  You just have to know what you're getting into before heading into such an endeavor.  Back when working at a video rental place during my college days, this was one of those movies that a lot of people wanted to see for some reason.  This, and pretty much any of the other Ernest movies.  I have no explanation for this.  But Madison enjoyed the movie, as did we, and there's that.

Afterwards, it was time for bed, and another reading of Chapter Four of "Mary Poppins."  Here, we meet a dog named Andrew who is not in the movie, or at least I don't think he is.  This entire chapter deals with his owner who pampers him too much, and the ability Mary Poppins has to communicate with the dog.  So yeah, this didn't make it into the movie.  Thus far, it seems as if Disney did a good job  creating the movie, despite PL Travers objections.  It's interesting to read this having seen "Saving Mr. Banks."  Mary Poppins is a much more strict sort of lady in this book though, a much lighter spirit in the movie.

So we did say our prayers again tonight, prayers for the family and prayers for the country.  Prayers for those battling cancer, which seems to be in abundance lately.  And before going to bed, Madison noted that her calendar on the wall said it was National Flag of Canada Day.  Yeah, we celebrated Hippo Day and Presidents Day, but we missed that one.  So Madison spent the next five minutes adding "eh" to all our conversation.

DADDY:  "Goodnight Madison, eh?"
MADISON:  "Goodnight, eh!  Love you, Mom, eh!"
MOMMY:  "Love you too, eh!"

She went to bed, and Mommy and Daddy watched another movie tonight, one a lot better.  This one was called "Bringing Up Baby," and old Katherine Hepburn/Cary Grant movie that was much better than last night's flick.  We both really enjoyed this one, as it was well paced and the performances were lots of fun.

As we did, the sleet came down.  It still is coming down outside, just cold and wet.  And no snow like they have in Canada, eh?

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