Saturday, February 20, 2016

Lizards and Pumpkins

It was Saturday, and therefore Daddy had to work a little.  There wasn't much to do outside anyway, as the weather was pretty overcast, and expecting to be so tomorrow as well.  The work part was simple enough, setting up for tomorrow's service as always - but also keeping an eye on the future in a few ways.  First of all, our "Fish Tales" series upcoming is something Daddy has been proofing lately.  Secondly, reading and writing for a class that Daddy should be teaching this summer, one about creativity and so forth.  Daddy's been reading lots of books on the subject for some time, so it appears as if I'll be doing it again.  Today's reading is a book by Marty Skylar, which so far hasn't been about creativity, but rather a history of the parks and Disney in general.  It's been a good read so far.

Meanwhile, Madison was catching up with piano, playing games, and reading herself.  She's still tending to her virtual farm, as well as having fun with her Monster High dolls, changing all of their outfits.  She loves her new dolls she's gotten lately, stuffed Disney dolls we've had for a while but only recently gave to Madison:  a Tiana doll, and one of the racers from Sugar Rush, Taffyta Muttonfudge.  The latter actually has a smell with her, something that reminds Daddy of those old Strawberry Shortcake dolls from the 80's.

Speaking of the 80's, the election weirdness continues, and the country seems to be leaning in one very peculiar direction.  Speaking of elected officials, Madison got her paper on FDR back yesterday and it has glowing reviews!  Madison's teacher wrote that she "knocked it out of the park."  The only suggestion was a better opening sentence to capture the reader's attention.  But other than that, it was a two-page masterpiece.  Next, Madison will be working on her doctorate, of course.

Tonight, we revisited Cinderella, the live action movie from last spring.  We got this for Christmas, and only now have gotten around to seeing it.  It's a really good movie if you haven't seen it yet.  For one, it's got a really strong character at the center.  Cinderella is the sort of person you wish you were more like.  I mean, if it were me, I'd have some hard feelings towards the stepsisters and stepmother myself.  But Cinderella's reaction is just marvelous at the end:  "I forgive you."

So went the day, a fire in the fireplace, and cozy on the couch.  We didn't do that much, but that was okay - we'll be quite busy the next few Saturdays.  This one worked out just fine.

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