Friday, February 12, 2016

ONE again

We had a little fun this morning together, even sleeping in a bit.  Madison has off the next few days, a small break from FDR and school and getting up early.  As a result, Mommy and Daddy have a break from FDR and school and getting up early.  For the most part, at least.

We had a tiny bit of fun together this morning, playing games and having breakfast together.  But Daddy needed to get going, in order to help prep for the annual ONE Marriage Conference that the church puts together for lots of married couples from all over.  Tonight, we heard from couples that came from all over the Southeast, but I'm sure there were couples that came from farther than that.  It is a nice retreat - though Daddy remembers attending with Mommy long before it was the ONE Marriage Conference, and instead a smaller getaway for married couples.  There were gifts and games and fun back then.  And of course, there's a lot of that now - it's just such a huge scale event at the moment.  Daddy's job was to take pictures using other people's cell phones.  I manned the photo booth, something I stocked earlier with the standard Valentine's Day themed feather boas, heart-shaped glasses, and so forth.  There was such a huge line for this that I - not an exaggeration - took pictures for a long time.  Nothing but one person after the other posing a 'goofy pose' and then a 'serious pose.'  It went from 4:30 when I started taking pictures, until about 10:45 pm.  My voice was going, and I was pretty exhausted.

Meanwhile, Madison wasn't doing so well at home.  She was catching a bit of a cold, with quite a bit of drainage going on.  She still soldiered on and did her piano, or at least as much as she could.  But there was needed a bit of relaxing on the couch, under blankets and watching television.  This was okay by Mommy and Daddy, as she needs the rest.  Fortunately, this is all timed with her having off of school, and not having to deal with so much in the way of homework.

So that's the day, basically.  Daddy got home really late again.  He was still trying to get things set up for church on Sunday, and Madison was already in bed.  But just like always, Mommy was waiting up for him.  We have a great marriage!

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