Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Stars and Dancing Cows

Tonight's reading from Mary Poppins got a bit surreal.  The first book in the Mary Poppins series starts out with some things that were featured in the movie of the same name - but rather early on, we start to leave course for uncharted waters rather quickly.  That is to say, we have never read or heard of some of the stuff we're reading about right now.  For example Mary Poppins is talking about a red cow that suddenly can't stop dancing.  The reason for this, we discover, is that a star fell from the sky and lodged itself into one of the cow's horns.

This cow was so accustomed and happy doing the same thing every day.  But because it could not stop dancing, it was driven to the castle, begging a king for help.  The king was able to suggest jumping over the moon to dislodge the star, something the cow had never tried before. But desperate to remove this offending star, the cow jumped, and sure enough everything was back to normal.

But this red cow realized that life in the pasture wasn't as exciting as what it just experienced.  And this cow decided to search for another star.  And so from that point on, the cow left in search of that new experiences, to try new things.

So far, the book is an interesting read, and certainly unique.  But we all have the general opinion that the movie presents Mary Poppins in a more relatable, friendly way.  This Mary Poppins is quite stern, and we frequently see words like "haughty," and hearing her sniff a lot.

Daddy did a lot of work today on a video for Uncle Dave, a memorial and collection of pictures set to a slide show.  It turned out well, although it was a lot of effort and timing.  Still, it was appreciated by Dave's parents, so that meant a lot.  There was a lot of KidPak work to do as well, but as with every Tuesday, things are cut short for piano practice.  We joined Mrs. Pam today, and found out one more clue to gather about our upcoming Winter Wonderland celebration.  Week by week, she gives hints as to what it could be - and this year, Daddy is quietly convinced he knows what it is.  Time will tell - in fact, I think we learn what it is next week.  It's always a fun day where the kids have fun together doing things not related to pianos or musical sheets.  Last year though, you may remember, we lost the one car, as it inexplicably drove through an office building.  That was the very day of Winter Wonderland.  Here's to a calmer, gentler Winter Wonderland, right?

Anyway, piano class went well today, although Madison was a little rusty on a few tunes.  We'll have to make up for that a bit with more practice.  She's good to do that practice though.  For one thing, we give rewards out for practice, namely various power discs that have to be hidden with scavenger hunt clues throughout the house.  There's a third fireplace in the house where there is one disc… that's the fireplace in her doll house upstairs.  There's a Lion King disc somewhere where you'll find a lion… that's under the picture of the lion she made last year at school.  The next thing is hidden some place that's not hard - in fact, it's easel… which is, of course, near a painting easel.  She loves the chase, maybe sometimes more than the actual object itself!

We spent the day planning Summer Xtreme a bit, by the way.  Lots of fun doing that, dreaming for the future. But with the recent fire marshal incident, we're restructuring the coming months for KidPak.  It's all good.  We did meet with some folks who know a lot about the fire code, and after these meetings, we're absolutely certain of one thing:  our local fire marshal is a totalitarian nutcase.

Speaking of KidPak, tonight we continued our 'research' a bit, looking to "Kronk's New Groove" as it follows our upcoming "Roughin' It" theme.  It's a fun movie, with one of our favorite characters in the lead this time, Kronk.  We'd recommend it for any fans of "The Emperor's New Groove," and if you didn't like that one so much, then I simply don't understand you!

Madison had off of school today, which was planned.  Not planned was the epic snowstorm that didn't happen.  Again.  The weather forecasters were accurate this time, although everyone was on high alert before the weekend, thinking that this could be the next Polar Snowmageddon Vortex.  Before the weekend was over, it was clear that this wouldn't be that.  The groundhog might be right on about spring after all.

Tonight is "date night" for Mommy and Daddy, that is to say it's "Agent Carter" night, something we've been enjoying lately.  We go upstairs to the guest bedroom where the antenna television is, and set up camp there on the bed with some popcorn and blankets, all while Madison sleeps soundly down the hall, dreaming of stars and dancing cows.

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