Sunday, February 28, 2016

Inside Over and Out

So here were are on the last day of this amazing series that was pretty unexpected.  We initially had a Star Wars series in mind for January-February, and then a football-themed series.  And then it went to this at the last moment, and it was just perfect.

The cast will miss dressing up as these characters, except for perhaps the girls in dresses - it is winter outside.  But that didn't stop everyone from walking around outside the sanctuary, greeting kids and grown-ups alike.  The book I'm reading by Mr. Sklar has a great quote from Walt about that, not just aiming for kids.  Grown-ups are just kids a little older.

Anyway, it was a great morning at KidPak, and after that we had a surprise birthday party to attend up in White County, halfway between Dahlonega and Cleveland.  It's not that long of a drive for us, and we stayed up there a good bit.  Madison had a great time playing ping pong and other games.  We ate snacks and talked a bit, and took in the wonderful weather outside.  It was a really nice afternoon.

We came home with enough time to watch a movie:  "A Goofy Movie."  This movie is so much better than you think it will be at first, with some great material in it.  It has a camping/fishing theme to it, so we were doing our 'research' by sitting down to watch it with some popcorn.  Got to have popcorn.

So we finished "Mary Poppins," and the next book on the list is "The Wind in the Willows."  Thus far, it's been such a relaxed sort of book.  Nothing tense at all so much, so very pleasant.  Rat is such a great, patient character, a good friend.  We have yet to meet Mr. Toad, but that will be fun when we do.  Until then, we have Mr. Toad's car as a power disc for Disney Infinity 3.0.  Madison earned that today when she finished her piano.  She also earned some pins - we found some at the Disney Store for just a dollar:  a package of pins of all the different "Inside Out" characters as Tsum Tsums.

So we went to sleep with the Wind in the Willows.  It was a nice, full day - and a beautiful day.  Storms are coming in soon, along with colder weather.  But the weekend we had was gorgeous.

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