Thursday, February 18, 2016

Jump In

We were back to speech therapy this afternoon, and the long slog back up 400 afterwards.  The speech therapy bit is going well with her new therapist, who seems to be getting along with Madison rather well.  This week, we're learning about 'the vs. the.'  That is to say, how to pronounce the word 'the' when it appears before a word that starts with a vowel or consonant.  She's also continuing to work on her 'r' blends, which are coming along nicely as well.

It just so happens, unbeknownst to Daddy, that there are all kind of jump rope activities at school in PE.  These are used in marathons to raise money for awareness of… I forget.  I guess I need to jump rope in order to remember what they are raising awareness for!

Anyway, we watched a movie tonight that Madison was wanting to see:  "Jump In."  This is after the whole "High School Musical" phase we just passed by, a natural next step - we're watching Disney Channel musicals here, and "Jump In" was the next obvious choice, considering it has the same actor in it from the other movies.

Anyway, it was a good movie.  Daddy and Mommy even enjoyed it, and of course Madison did as well.  Mommy was familiar with the whole double dutch experience, jumping ropes with teams and so forth.  Daddy, however, had no idea that it was that intense or intricate.  It was fun to watch, and as you can imagine, we were looking up jump rope routines online after that, watching a few.  Madison has her own jump rope now - she just got one, cementing the huge theme here.  Again, it's just fun how we sort of follow the theme at home too.  Paul Revere, FDR, and even jump roping!

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