Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Face Pompeii

Madison picked up a book to check out this afternoon, and sure enough, she liked reading it.  She's read a bit more of it throughout the day, and this might actually turn into the next series of books she's reading.  They are quick and easy reads for her, but at the same time they are pretty educational - they're the Magic Tree House books.

This is a series that could take a while to get through.  Fortunately, Daddy had already a few he found at Goodwill.  That gives us a bit of a head start.  This first one she started to check out has to do with Pompeii, and is called "Vacation Under the Volcano."  What's great is that they are based on real events in history, so there's a bit of learning along the way.  This would have been a great book series to read back when we were doing "Time Travelers" in October.

Daddy discovered she was reading this this afternoon when in the car, Madison started spouting out facts about Mt. Vesuvius.  She wasn't learning this at school, so of course we had to ask how she knew so much about Mt. Vesuvius.

So anyway, this will be a great opportunity to learn a bit, and find new books to read as well.  She flies through these, so it'll be interesting to see how long it takes to go through the series.  I think there are fifty-five books in all, so it'll be like the "Weird School" books all over again, like a scavenger hunt at libraries and Goodwills and so forth.

Meanwhile, we haven't finished with the Jack Sparrow series yet.  We'll have to get those few remaining books to wrap that up.

Today we were talking about a face palm, and what one is.  Madison didn't know, so this is always a good moment of education, right?  We were going to have a character do that in our skits, and Madison overheard that bit, and had to ask.  So as you can imagine, today became a new day, Annual Facepalm Day.

Why do a facepalm, she asks?  Well, it's a good way to express disgust, mostly in a comedic way, but also as a legitimate reaction to bad or weird news.  For example, our country right now is probably doing one large collective facepalm over the election results.

Anyway, today was a great day in that we had ballet and church and all sorts of wonderful things to keep us busy.  Madison did some piano early as well as her round of homework, and a reading assignment about topography.  She's been currently learning the piedmont region of Georgia, which is not just about the area around Piedmont College in Demorest up there.  It's one of six regions of Georgia, one she'll be learning about more very soon, along with the others, of course.

The Mall of Georgia covers the different regions nicely - we might arrange a field trip down there to check out some of their displays.  For all the time we shop there, we don't really stop much to see the different displays from the different areas.  So yeah, I think that'll be happening soon.  And of course, we'll go actually visit some of these regions soon as well:  spring break is coming up soon.

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