Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Wednesday Cards

Updates on Wednesday... bummer of a day though.  Firstly, we've lost our computer.  It's an old Mac that's been with us for a while. It's not a complete loss, at least we don't think so yet.  But there is an occasional blue screen, which is the sign that this computer is about to be put out to pasture or something like that.  The challenge will be trying to get a squillion pictures off of the hard drive before that happens.  Hopefully we'll be up for the challenge, but until then, this blog will be a challenge to keep up with as well.

We have a few iPad minis in the house, and a cell phone now.  Believe it or not, we can actually update this blog from a cell phone, which is just amazing to think about.  Remember when phones were used to call other people, and had these cords that got tangled really easily?  We don't use phones to call so much anymore apparently - these things are spent texting and surfing the internet on.  Quite addictive, really!

Tonight we had a good service at KidPak, although Madison did not go again.  She gets up early in the morning, so we didn't have that much time to talk to each other today.  There's the morning routine, the hiding, the four p's and breakfast.  And the ride in to school, where there's all that traffic and waiting to drop Madison off at the door.  We don't mind the waiting, as it just means more time to tell made-up stories, or talk about the week's events.

This week, the events have changed somewhat.  Firstly, we're not going to Disney as thought.  This is a bummer, as we were thinking a Valentine's Day trip would do the trick.  We had extra tickets, each of us, and thought it would be fun to go to see Ba-Ba for the weekend.  But the ONE Marriage Conference sort of canceled that, as Daddy has to work the weekend at the church.  Still, you have to assume there's a bit of Romans 8:28 in action here, and we're doing our best to be upbeat about it all.

But there is definitely a bad vibe going on.  Strangely, we're not down or depressed about anything - it's just that the theme of bad news has been ongoing, and you sort of roll with the inevitable punches thrown your way.  It's like any other theme:  you just see the connected dots and it makes up for a larger picture.  In this case, the picture is a big frowny face, but still, it's okay.  We'll have fun our own way, and we'll get all the other things worked out too.

Madison had ballet tonight, which was not a bummer in any way.  She's been enjoying the class very much, and this is such a blessing.  Next year, it seems as if we'll be going to see her in "The Nutcracker" if she's still interested in being on stage.  She has a bit of stage-fright, which is funny because she's so bold everywhere else.  In a few weekends, she's signed up for a "Beauty and the Beast" ballet camp.  That'll be nice - and that'll be a busy day for us.  There's something going on at KidPak that requires Daddy, and there's also a few other things going on.  Should be kind of busy, and something to look forward to.  See, there's always something better on the horizon, and something to be grateful for.  Despite a season of bad news and funerals, life goes on, and no matter what, we'll give thanks.

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