Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Zoo Tour

Here's Madison's reaction to Beethoven, which could go either way.  Today we've been playing a bit of that, and a bit of Chopin as well -which makes us sound all classy now, doesn't it?   Madison enjoys her piano class, but the sad thing is that she's the only girl left in this time slot.  The other girl left has moved to a later time slot, which means it is just Madison plugging away on her own versus all the boys.  She's not concerned in the slightest.  And she's pretty good too, picking up some chords completely naturally.

Today we had some heavy storms come through as the temperatures soared to springlike ones, and gusts of wind swept across the land.  We remained safe, although there are some other folks in the Southeast that did not have so much a good time with the weather.

It's Taco Tuesday, which is important to Madison.  Yes, Taco Tuesday is as vital as any of the other holidays that are out there.  Tonight after homework, Madison tried something new:  a fluffernutter sandwich.  The verdict?  "Pretty good!"

We didn't have so much time to watch a movie or anything, but we did do another board game of Surprise Slides, followed by some more Disney Infinity 3.0 (Inside Out).

Our reading tonight was unusual, a chapter of "Mary Poppins" where the children go to the zoo - or at least they think they do.  The animals take all the leftover people in the zoo, and put them in cages, and feed them for entertainment.  For one day, all the animals, including their snake ruler, get along with each other, and put people in cages for fun.  And the people don't seem to mind either.  This chapter is either trying to say something symbolically, or PL Travers was on some serious medication.  I lean towards the latter!

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