Sunday, February 21, 2016


Here he is, Coach Venner.  Any coach with his record nowadays wouldn't last a weekend, but the California Atoms football team must have been financially strapped.  Which is why they hired a mule that can kick field goals to entrain at half-time.  The half-time show helps the crowds forget about the team's woeful performance.  Of course, if you've seen the movie "Gus," you know that the mule begins to actually be a part of the team, kicking field goals.  Rules don't specify that players have to be human. Perhaps the Atlanta Falcons should consider this option.  Maybe the team right now is looking at the latest literal farms for any mules with potential.  With draft day coming up, we wouldn't want other terrible teams like the Buccaneers snatching our mules without us knowing.

We saw this movie tonight, basically because Daddy wanted to.  Football season came to an end, and here I was, wanting to watch "Gus."  This is also because we found a Disney Infinity Power Disc that lets characters ride around on Gus the Mule, which is the height of obscurity, really.

This morning, and into the afternoon, we were at church as always.  This was a special sort of morning, one we'd like to call a 'bonus' service, as we didn't plant on having another "Hooked on a Feeling" message as we did.  But here we are, still in the series, all thanks to this ________ fire marshal.  You fill in the blank yourself.  It's like a Mad Lib!

Anyway, today was the last day for the characters to be with us, as Disgust has other obligations next weekend.  But again, this is a bonus service, and the kids - and Daddy - were grateful to have everyone here one last time.

Madison did her piano as always this afternoon, and after that we had a little time to play Minions LIFE, a game that Madison really likes playing.  Mommy won the first time, and Madison won the next  - Daddy never stood a chance!

The skies were overcast again, gloomy.  And the weather is supposed to get stormy this week, which implies even more rain.  Already, things are soaked.  We had the fire in the fireplace, and that sort of helps out on a day like today, doesn't it?

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