Friday, December 23, 2016

Christmas at Denny's

This morning our elf was so into the ugly Christmas sweater cookies that we made last night, he put on a sweater himself.  And he posed a question:  which is your favorite cookie?  We put that question on social media, and the answers have been scattered all amongst each of the cookies.  I guess that means people have different tastes...!

Speaking of tastes, look where Madison and Daddy went for lunch today.  In honor of "The Santa Clause," we went to Denny's!  Madison is shown here with a milk, because they're out of egg nog and chocolate milk.  Here's where she says:  "Plain milk is fine."

Of course, all that is from the movie.  Our waitress let us know pretty much everything on the menu was available.  Madison got a spaghetti lunch, and Daddy went for the Rudolph-shaped pancake.  If you're going to give yourself stomach problems because of bad eating choices, then I say go big!

Actually, the pancake, bacon, and other breakfast items on my plate... none of them bothered me that much afterwards.  And it's a good thing too:  Madison and Daddy spent a pretty big chunk of the day trying to get our shopping done for Christmas.  Madison went to the Dollar Store and got a bunch of different items for family members.  We also went to Lakeshore Mall together, and also Bed, Bath and Beyond.  The traffic, as you can imagine, was intense.  Everyone is shopping out there, and people are starting to get desperate.  We're not quite that desperate yet - Daddy and Madison were largely successful with our trip today.  Plus, it was nice for the two of us to go shopping together.  Madison was helpful in finding items, and actively talking with anyone who would listen.  Oh yes, that was complete strangers too - but she was just starting up conversations left and right.  I think she's excited about Christmas coming soon!

We watched "A Christmas Story" tonight, laughing all the way through it.  This is a movie that's still funny to watch.  We were in our pjs on the couch, and right after that we were upstairs to go to bed.  Big day tomorrow, and we'll need plenty of rest.  We read from the "Lone Star Christmas" devotional, just two more pages to go there.  Then we read from that book, "Santa Calls."  I'm no sure how much longer until this becomes a movie, or a Christmas special.  The artwork by William Joyce is just fantastic.

We prayed for protection for the churches celebrating Christmas tomorrow, and for healing for many of our friends who are either sick or are going through something stronger.  And then it was time for sleep:  as mentioned a moment ago, tomorrow is a big day.  We've got two services tomorrow, and then of course it's Christmas Eve time, where we spend time at Nana and Ye-Ye's house.  It will be a very special day.  In fact, it's time to go to bed now.  Can't wait for it to be Christmas Eve!

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