Sunday, December 18, 2016

A Hippopotamus for Christmas

Well the Elf Spa is apparently open.  Jingle Bells is seen here using the crock pot as a hot tub, and of course using some of Mommy's bubble bath from last year, a fragrance called "Jingle All the Way."  Good to see Snowflake in there getting some relaxation too.  Daddy can't jump in, unfortunately.  Not until the surgeon gives the all clear, the only thing I can do is shower.  No jumping in bath tubs, and according to our good doctor, "No jumping in Lake Lanier."  When he called up the other day, Daddy was quick to let him know he avoided doing just that.

This morning's two services were all about the Nativity.  We did a bit about the 12 Days of Christmas, using the PNC Bank's annual estimate of how much each item costs, and the total of course.  That always makes for a fun segment.  But when it was time for the Nativity, that was just special.  Madison was once again a sheep - this is beyond counting on one hand how many times she's been a sheep in a Nativity.  You can see the Wise Men and shepherds too, and this year something new to KidPak:  Juan and Tere had a baby girl back in November, so they said they'd be happy to have their little girl Juliana play the part of Jesus.  Those two were Joseph and Mary, and we had an infant baby - a sleeping one - play the part of Jesus on stage.  It was really sweet, and effective too.  Pastor Lance read from Luke chapter two, and then Matthew chapter two in order to catch the Wise Men.  It all turned out rather nicely!

We got some nice gifts today, including a cowboy nutcracker and a hippopotamus stuffed animal for Madison.  

Yes, she got a hippopotamus for Christmas (because only a hippopotamus will do).  This one gives off a fragrance when put in the microwave.  I haven't played the song "I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas" yet, but we'll have to do that, won't we?  We got plenty of other thoughtful gifts too, as we just have one week to go before the big day.  One more week until Christmas!

We got home, and went back into recovery mode, unfortunately.  Daddy has his medication, but things are getting better.  Mommy was having a rough go of it today though, so that sort of grounded all of us as soon as we got home.  No worries - we popped in some more Christmas movies, and some more logs on the fire.  The weather outside was gloomy and gray, wet and cold, but inside it was warm and snuggly.  

We read some more tonight, but it's early to bed tonight for Madison: she still has school the next few days.  I'd hate to be a teacher on these days though - can you imagine how unfocused these kids will be?  There'll be plenty of Christmas partying and activities though.  Madison's looking forward to it.  Already, she's looking to put on her "Meowy Christmas" shirt on for tomorrow.  It's a new Christmas shirt with a cat on it that Mommy found.  She loves that shirt.  

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