Thursday, December 15, 2016

Psychiatric Help 5¢

This morning our elf set up a booth for psychiatric help, and charged only Peanuts!  The "Charlie Brown Christmas Special" was the theme, apparently - complete with the small tree and the psychiatric booth for a nickel.  There was a present under the tree, and a few Peanuts characters around as well - this one turned out rather well.  Madison enjoyed it, but some of the older folks on social media liked seeing it as well.

Daddy went back to work today, but regretted it, as his tummy is certainly not ready for that sort of endeavor.  We tried to go a while without pain medication today, but tonight I'm back on one of the stronger doses just to help me sleep.  This would be more conducive to a good night's rest, for certain.

Madison did her last ballet of the year tonight, sort of a filler class where a substitute teacher tried his hand at teaching while the real teachers planned away at the upcoming year.  Meanwhile, Daddy was plugging away at the new Big Top series in January, and Mommy was doing a bit of grocery shopping.  We did some wrapping too, wrapping all the way.  Mommy picked up Madison's China Doll picture from ballet tonight, and it came out very nice:

We'll never forget this first year in "The Nutcracker."  No doubt she'll want to be involved in more for the years to come.

We did a few more Christmas stories, including one by Stan Lee tonight.  Also the devotional, of course, and then prayers for healing.  Daddy is perfectly unhappy right now, his tummy just in a state of yuck.  Hopefully some medication will kick in soon enough.  Surgery isn't as lightly taken as originally thought.  Although I was cautiously optimistic, I was nevertheless optimistic that a recovery would be quicker.  This was overly optimistic though.  I might have to wait a week and see.

Anyway, Madison and Mommy are doing well despite the tremendous cold outside.  And everyone will be fine by this time next week.  Christmas is coming and there is still so much to do.  At least we have our fires and our Christmas trees going to make the house atmosphere more pleasant.  With a reduced workload next week, the pace of things should be more relaxing, and hopefully we'll be able to enjoy this final week of the Christmas season to a much greater extent.  Seeing Madison in "The Nutcracker" helps - we got that Blu-Ray in the mail today.  And seeing other Christmas movies as well.  It's just been so busy lately.  Hopefully we'll get to slow down a bit next week, or else we might take up that 5¢ offer for psychiatric help.

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