Monday, December 12, 2016


Yes, here is our terribly appropriate elf appearance for the day.  Jingle Bells surprised everyone with his own version of an operation, wearing his surgical mask, and Snowflake wearing one too.  It's a Minion's Operation game, so as you might suspect, there are Minions present too.  Hopefully these guys weren't around when the operation took place.

Daddy's mom came over at 5:00 am to watch over Madison and help get her to the school, while Mommy and Daddy drove off to the hospital to take care of business.

Here's our traditional selfie right before the operation.  Thumbs up in bed, although we're both pretty tired.  Daddy is already sore too.  They got the IV in, and soon enough there were some relaxing drugs as well.  I'm not sure what those were, to be honest.  I don't really remember as much.  All I know is that Mommy was nearby as much as she could.  The operation took about 30 minutes or so, and just like that, there are only two gall bladders left in our house.  We got there at 5:30 am, the surgery was at about 7:30 am, and we were leaving the hospital at about 11:00 am.  Isn't that amazing?

When we got home, we were fast asleep, the two of us.  Daddy is on pain medication, but it's really not that bad right now.  There's no nausea, only a sore and tender stomach.  So when Madison came home, Daddy was able to greet her properly.  No huge hugs or chasing around the house, but at least the appearance was that everything is okay.  And indeed, it is okay.

Madison left for ballet with Mommy, and it was a long evening for them.  The two were doing jazz and ballet, and then there was a meeting about the very next ballet production coming up, something called "Grim's Into the Woods."  Madison wants to be a part of that, so we're marking our calendar down already for practice times and so forth.  There'll be a 'boot camp' sort of week coming up, where a choreographer is returning to show kids their positioning and movements for the production.  But everyone is looking forward to it.

Meanwhile, Daddy decided to write a message for the upcoming series, "Big Top."  The very idea that there was surgery in the morning, and still a productive day elsewhere... this was just great.  I had the record player on, playing some Christmas classics, and a fire in the fireplace, thanks to a visit from Pastor Lance.  He dropped by - not with a bouquet of flowers.  He had firewood for me, and that was just a nice thing to bring by.  We had a crackling fire in the fireplace, and when Mommy and Madison got home, we watched a really short Christmas special, "Have Yourself a Goofy Little Christmas."

We then went upstairs, read some more from the devotional and from "A Christmas Carol," and were soon off to bed.  The next Spirit is tomorrow - the Spirit of Christmas Future.  After today's surgery, I think that Spirit will be happy to point out that things this year are going to be just fine.

As for right now though, it's time for bed.  Daddy's medication is kicking in, and the bed is calling out!

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