Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Counting Sheep

Madison's Nativity Set returned today, back by popular demand.  Last week, she had requested that we bring it out, going so far as to write us a small note on a sticky pad.  Last night, Jingle Bells remembered to bring up the entire Nativity Set (seen is only a portion of it above), and he must have gotten so into it that he wanted to be part of the set himself.  Usually, he's playing the part of a star over the stable.  But this time, he decided to become a sheep, covering himself with small cotton balls.  Madison thought it was great, and was anxious to see her old friends in the Nativity Set once more.

Speaking of sheep, look what they did up in Gavle?

It's the goat's little brother, the one created by a nearby school I think.  It's a small replica of the original, and with such an early demise of the larger creation this year, they had to resort to putting this one as a centerpiece. And just because it is significantly smaller, don't expect the faction of cruel arsonist Swedes to show any mercy.  No, they're zealots to their cause.  But at least around the world, we have something to look at on the town square, and yes there's snow as well.  It's very lovely this time of year with lights and snow, no matter the size of your goat.

Today was a day of recovery for Daddy, who just had surgery yesterday.  It was more of a reality check, as some of the drugs were wearing off.  It's this weird mix of sleep-inducing drugs, along with a desire to get some things done.  No, I'm supposed to rest.  But it's Taco Tuesday?  No, rest comes first. Piano?  No, rest.  Mommy took Madison to piano today, and everyone sent their greetings.  Meanwhile, Daddy was at home, working on one Christmas present in particular.  Madison is going to get a music player for Christmas, and Daddy was attempting to load it up with some old music and new stuff too.  Yes, the Monkees will have to be on this one!

Tonight we had another fire in the fireplace, our movie of choice being "A Muppet Christmas Carol."  We read some more from that book tonight, the one by Charles Dickens - the Spirit of Christmas Yet To Be is with us now, looming as always.  The book presents a more sympathetic side to this spirit, just a hint of compassion within, whereas most of the movie versions of this ghost are more judgmental.  In fact, by this point in the story, you get the feeling that Scrooge has already pretty much made some fundamental changes within, and is merely following the instructions of this third Spirit out of obedience.  Tomorrow, we'll reach the end of this book, and Madison has been paying attention all the way, despite the larger words.  Some of these words Daddy doesn't even know!

He's taking more medicine tonight.  It's either stomach cramps or this dizzying, dragging down feeling of the Lortabs.  Can't wait to be back to normal again.  I know it won't happen immediately, but the necessity of medication is no fun, one way or another.

We said our prayers tonight, including ones for Daddy, and for friends in need of healing.  We'll get there, and it'll be just in time for Christmas.

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