Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Classroom Christmas Party

To start out with, there was this.  It appears as if our elf Jingle Bells was frozen in carbonite.  You can tell it is him because of the pointy hat there.  The real question is why would anyone freeze an elf in carbonite?  Okay, maybe that's not such a difficult question.  Perhaps the thing we're getting at is who would put a bounty out on an elf?  Perhaps he's rolled one too many Christmas trees, or maybe it was the underwear thing a few weeks ago?

Possibly Jabba the Hutt put out a bounty on the elf, and you can see Dengar above, a famous bounty hunter, joining the other aliens at Jabba's Palace in an impromptu celebration.  Whatever the reason, it was a big hit with Madison.  She loved it right away, along with the new BB-8 ornament for the Star Wars tree, and the last "Han Solo" comic in the current series.  We read it together some time later and found out who won the Dragon Void race, amongst other ongoing events in the series.

Today was yet another day for Daddy to recover, and he did spend some time resting.  Like seriously, one time there was a two-hour gap of sleep that came out of nowhere.  It's all part of the recovery process.  But there was one thing Daddy was not going to miss today - he and Mommy went over to the school, and together we were there for the Classroom Christmas Party.

Here's Mommy and Madison, just before playing some games.  Today, Madison was drawing snowmen, telling Santa stories that she made up, creating snowflakes and creating ornaments too.  Mommy and Daddy were along for the ride, although Daddy was a little groggy.  It was still a nice time, and look at this below!

Madison has 'gradutated' from the multiplication tables!  Three kids in the classroom have done this so far, having memorized all the multiplication tables from 1 to 12.  When a student gets through all of them, they get a little cap and gown, and pose for a picture.  Madison was quite proud of herself, and rightly so!

We saw her at home not long after that.  Daddy and Mommy had gotten a lot of firewood (there's an upcoming cold snap), and we decided to do the fire and a movie thing again tonight, watching "Rudolph" and  "A Year Without a Santa Claus" back to back.  Santa still cracks me up:  "Needs work.  Gotta' Go."

We finished "A Christmas Carol" tonight, and it was just a sweet moment reading by the Christmas tree.  We also continued reading from the devotional, the one that Madison is enjoying from Daddy.  So far, our cowboy hero is in what appears to be a dream where he's Clara in "The Nutcracker."

We read these stories, and then it was time for more work at KidPak - just a little.  Daddy is not at church tonight, for fear of getting hugged or simply not having the energy to do be there.  He's still healing, and things will be okay.  Meanwhile, we prayed tonight for those who need homes, for those who need healing, and for God to watch over all of us as we sleep.

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