Friday, December 2, 2016

Jingle Monster Trucks

This morning, Madison woke up to follow a trail of monster trucks.  Over the past few years, she's built a few monster trucks at Lowe's with Daddy.  Madison likes to pick her favorite Vinylmation characters to put on top of each.

The first one, Stacie Hurtenflert, was at her bedroom door, riding a monster truck that was pointing down the hall. At the top of the stairs, there was another, pointing downstairs.  Against the wall there was Patty McPunchface (seen above), pointing towards the great room.  And here's what was going on there:

There was Jingle Bells and Snowflake, each with an X-box controller, playing a monster truck race on Disney Infinity.  And under the tree was Lisa Leglock, riding a monster truck of course, this one riding over an early Christmas gift.

What was it?  If you guessed it was a monster truck kit, then you're right.  It even comes with a patch!  Madison and Daddy will be building the "Gravedigger" pretty soon.  All this monster truck talk is making us want to actually go see monster trucks some time soon.  Just once, to try it out!

This morning, Madison burst through Mommy and Daddy's bedroom door to tell us everything you just read.  She was so excited!  She even noticed the Monster High wrapping paper, so excited about all of it this morning.  This is just day two - each December Jingle Bell comes along, bringing along monster amounts of fun!

The rest of the day was another one of those work days that precedes a huge dress rehearsal.  Mommy and Daddy were at the church well past midnight, and Mommy was making adjustments on a costume at 1:30 am or so.  It's just a late-night sort of week, these days leading up to a performance like this.

Daddy finished his skit for Sunday, and the books arrived late - 10:30 pm - but Daddy was still there so we arranged to get them delivered to the church at that time, and all was well.  The books look fantastic.  Really excited about a new Cowboy Christmas series!

Madison went to Dairy Queen with Nana and Ba-Ba, meanwhile, and got a peppermint Blizzard.  There wasn't much time for anything else today though, and in fact she got to bed rather early tonight, quite tired from the week.  It's a cumulative thing - the week is just one day of late practice after another.  There'll be some long winter's naps next week for sure!

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