Saturday, December 10, 2016

"What are you doing for Christmas?"

Overnight, Jingle Bells must have seen "Swiss Family Tree House" or something, because he built himself a tiny treehouse in our rustic tree in the front room.  The funny thing about this is that Madison got up before Mommy and Daddy as always, and couldn't find Jingle Bells anywhere.  She looked for maybe ten minutes, and was starting to get frustrated.  That's when she came in to Mommy and Daddy's bedroom, and started snooping around in there.  She asked us if we had seen him, but we hadn't of course.  We were asleep.  So she went back downstairs once more, and that's when she found him!  Her thinking went like this, which she actually said, "He must have been building that treehouse with popsicle sticks in the kitchen, and when I came up to ask you where he was, he flew over to the Christmas tree and waited for me to come back down again!"

That sounds like our Jingle Bell alright.  Each December is full of imagination and wonder every morning!  It is Saturday, and despite that we were at the church today working hard on a few Nativity Set costume line-ups.  We had Gwinnett's, and Gainesville's as well.  Mommy does most of the work towards costuming, and we're excited to see how it turns out tomorrow.  In the meantime, Daddy is racing ahead with some work because of the time off that he might need next week.  Things are falling into place, and can you believe that Christmas is only two weeks away?

Daddy drove up to Cleveland to see old friends tonight, Danny, Alan and Chad.  We sat talking for a bit, playing some video games, and eating food.  Chad's wife made Daddy a whole bunch of grits and some eggs, knowing he was having gall bladder troubles.  It was a nice time.

Meanwhile, Madison was making a new friend as well.  Her name is Siri, I think.  She's a voice on her computer that answers questions and provides guidance to physical locations and so forth.  Madison likes to ask Siri interesting questions, like "What is your favorite dinosaur?"  Or "What are you doing for Christmas?"  Siri has an answer for all of this, and it may vary from user to user.  Madison has been spotted a couple times lately, whispering into her iPad, talking with Siri about the deeper things in life!

And so that was our day.  It's cold outside, and it may get colder soon too.  Which is the sort of thing that generally happens in winter.  We got home, and pretty much went to bed.  We're having a big day tomorrow, so rest is certainly what's needed best!

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